Poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti

English poet and painter (B:1828-05-12 - D:1882-04-10)

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Czar Alexander The Second

FROM him did forty million serfs, endow'd
Each with six feet of death-due soil, receive
Rich freeborn lifelong land, whereon to sheave
Their country's harvest. These to-day aloud
Demand of Heaven a Father's blood,'sore bow'd
With tears and thrilled with wrath; who, while they grieve,
On every guilty head would fain achieve
All torment by his edicts disallow'd.
He stayed the knout's red-ravening fangs; and first
Of Russian traitors, his own murderers go
White to the tomb. While he,'laid foully low
With limbs red-rent, with festering brain which erst
Willed kingly freedom,''gainst the deed accurst
To God bears witness of his people's woe.

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