Father, what is a Legislature?

A representative body elected by the people of the state.

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Alice Duer Miller
A beautiful city and big one.
A city of hope to everyone.
A city that is full of different tribes, colours.
A city where people think life is good!.
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Tobela Tshicila
The Good, Old-Fashioned People
When we hear Uncle Sidney tell
About the long-ago
An' old, old friends he loved so well
When _he_ was young--My-oh!--
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James Whitcomb Riley
The world
The world is cruel,
but for some people it's cool.
People are dying
because of lying.
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Duwayne Frieslaar
The People of the Eastern Ice, they are melting like the snow--
They beg for coffee and sugar; they go where the white men go.
The People of the Western Ice, they learn to steal and fight;
They sell their furs to the trading-post; they sell their souls to
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Rudyard Kipling
More About People
When people aren't asking questions
They're making suggestions
And when they're not doing one of those
They're either looking over your shoulder or stepping on your toes
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Ogden Nash
My People
The night is beautiful,
So the faces of my people.

The stars are beautiful,
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Langston Hughes
Old Men
People expect old men to die,
They do not really mourn old men.
Old men are different. People look
At them with eyes that wonder whenâ?¦
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Ogden Nash
I GIVE the undertakers permission to haul my body
to the graveyard and to lay away all, the head, the
feet, the hands, all: I know there is something left
over they can not put away.
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Carl Sandburg
People Will Talk
The following lines were written at the request of a little girl,
who said she would recite them at a Sunday School
entertainment. She wished it written to the refrain people
will talk. I presume the ideas in the following are nearly,
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James McIntyre
The Song
I SANG of the sun on the waters,
And then of the wind in the wood;
And the people hearkened my singing
And said that the song was good.
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Roderic Quinn
Macdonough's Song
Whether the State can loose and bind
In Heaven as well as on Earth:
If it be wiser to kill mankind
Before or after the birth--
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Rudyard Kipling
Which Are You?
There are two kinds of people on earth to-day;
Just two kinds of people, no more, I say.

Not the sinner and saint, for it's well understood,
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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Don'T Know About The People
Approaching my village:

Don't know about the people,
but all the scarecrows
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Kobayashi Issa
Three Ghosts
THREE tailors of Tooley Street wrote: We, the People.
The names are forgotten. It is a joke in ghosts.

Cutters or bushelmen or armhole basters, they sat
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Carl Sandburg
I join these words for four people,
Some others may overhear them,
O world, I am sorry for you,
You do not know these four people.
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Ezra Pound
The Terrible People
People who have what they want are very fond of telling people who haven't what they want that they really don't want it,
And I wish I could afford to gather all such people into a gloomy castle on the Danube and hire half a dozen capable Draculas to haunt it.
I dont' mind their having a lot of money, and I don't care how they employ it,
But I do think that they damn well ought to admit they enjoy it.
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Ogden Nash
The People Upstairs
The people upstairs all practise ballet
Their living room is a bowling alley
Their bedroom is full of conducted tours.
Their radio is louder than yours,
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Ogden Nash
Some People
some people never go crazy.
me, sometimes I'll lie down behind the couch
for 3 or 4 days.
they'll find me there.
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Charles Bukowski
People who are afraid of themselves
Multiply themselves into families
And so divide themselves
And so become less afraid.
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Arthur Seymour John Tessimond

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