When I was a little boy,
I followed hope and slighted joy.
Now my wit has larger scope,
I clutch at joy and heed not hope.
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Gamaliel Bradford

Sonnet Xxvi: I Ever Love
To Despair

I ever love where never hope appears,
Yet hope draws on my never-hoping care,
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Michael Drayton

Mine is a song of hope
For the days that lie before;
For the grander things
The morrow brings
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Edgar Albert Guest

Parody on Lord Strangford's 'Just like Love.'
JUST like Hope is yonder bow,
That from the center bends so low,
Where bright prismatic colours shew
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Charlotte Smith

Alas What Hope Of Speeding
Alas what hope of speeding
Where hope beguiled lies bleeding?
She bade come when she spied me,
And when I came she flied me.
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John Wilbye

Sonnet Xxv: False Hope Prolongs
False hope prolongs my ever certain grief,
Trait'rous to me and faithful to my love;
A thousand times it promis'd me relief,
Yet never any true effect I prove.
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Samuel Daniel

Stanzas For Music: They Say That Hope Is Happiness
They say that Hope is happiness;
But genuine Love must prize the past,
And Memory wakes the thoughts that bless:
They rose the first--they set the last;
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George Gordon Byron

If Hope
If hope grew on a bush,
And joy grew on a tree,
What a nosegay for the plucking
There would be!
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Christina Rossetti

We speak with the lip, and we dream in the soul,
Of some better and fairer day;
And our days, the meanwhile, to that golden goal
Are gliding and sliding away.
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Friedrich Schiller

Hope and Despair
Said God, 'You sisters, ere ye go
Down among men, my work to do,
I will on each a badge bestow:
Hope I love best, and gold for her,
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Lascelles Abercrombie

Hope Overtaken
I deemed thy garments, O my Hope, were grey,
So far I viewed thee. Now the space between
Is passed at length; and garmented in green
Even as in days of yore thou stand'st to-day.
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Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Song.â??yes, I Had Hope
Yes! I had hope when first we met,
For hope and joy were in thine eye;
'Twas long before I could forget,
I trusted thee so tenderly.
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Louisa Stuart Costello

Yet A Little While
I dreamed and did not seek: to-day I seek
Who can no longer dream;
But now am all behindhand, waxen weak,
And dazed amid so many things that gleam
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Christina Rossetti

When we went singing down the road,
In days when want was not a goad,
Dull care behind us flinging,
No step we stayed, no joy we missed,
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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

Sonnet Xlii: Hope Overtaken
I deemed thy garments, O my Hope, were grey,
So far I viewed thee. Now the space between
Is passed at length; and garmented in green
Even as in days of yore thou stand'st to-day.
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Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Hope is with you when you believe
The earth is not a dream but living flesh,
that sight, touch, and hearing do not lie,
That all thing you have ever seen here
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Czeslaw Milosz

Dead Hope
Hope new born one pleasant morn
Died at even;
Hope dead lives nevermore,
No, not in heaven.
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Christina Rossetti

The Burns Statue
This Statue, I must confess, is magnificent to see,
And I hope will long be appreciated by the people of Dundee;
It has been beautifully made by Sir John Steell,
And I hope the pangs of hunger he will never feel.
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William Topaz McGonagall

Somewhat, to hope for

Somewhat, to hope for,
Be it ne'er so far
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Emily Dickinson

An Authorâ??s Hope
When I am dead, I hope it may be said:
â??His sins were scarlet, but his books were read.â??

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Hilaire Belloc

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