A Song
There is ever a song somewhere, my dear;
There is ever a something sings alway:
There's the song of the lark when the skies are clear,
And the song of the thrush when the skies are gray.
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James Whitcomb Riley

Keep A Song Up On De Way
Oh, de clouds is mighty heavy
An' de rain is mighty thick;
Keep a song up on de way.
An' de waters is a rumblin'
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Paul Laurence Dunbar

The First Song
A POET writ a song of May
That checked his breath awhile;
He kept it for a summer day,
Then spake with half a smile:
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Richard Francis Burton

As Good as New
OH, this is a song of the old lights, that came to my heart like a hymn;
And this is a song for the old lightsâ??the lights that we thought grew dim,
That came to my heart to comfort me, and I pass it along to you;
And here is a hand to the good old friend who turns up as good as new.
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Henry Lawson

My Song
This song of mine will wind its music around you, my child, like
the fond arms of love.
This song of mine will touch your forehead like a kiss of
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Rabindranath Tagore

Song Is Not Dead
Song is not dead, although to-day
Men tell us everything is said.
There yet is something left to say,
Song is not dead.
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Robert Fuller Murray

Songs Of Gloom
IF the song I have to sing
Is a dreary, gloomy thing,
I would rather silent be;
If I cannot sing of cheer,
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Edgar Albert Guest

I will sing a song,
Said the owl.
You sing a song, sing-song
Ugly fowl!
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George MacDonald

The Song And The Sigh
The creek went down with a broken song,
'Neath the sheoaks high;
The waters carried the song along,
And the oaks a sigh.
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Henry Lawson

Girl's Song
I went out alone
To sing a song or two,
My fancy on a man,
And you know who.
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William Butler Yeats

Girl’s Song
I went out alone
To sing a song or two,
My fancy on a man,
And you know who.
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William Butler Yeats

A Song For Two Children
“Make a song, father, a new little song,
All for Jenny and Nancy.”
Balow lalow or Hey derry down,
Or else what might you fancy?
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Robert Graves

Singer And Song
A singer sang in sorrow long
And breathed his life into his song.

Unknown, unheard, the song went wide,
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Freeman E. Miller

Mine is a song of hope
For the days that lie before;
For the grander things
The morrow brings
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Edgar Albert Guest

Her Song
I sang that song on Sunday,
To witch an idle while,
I sang that song on Monday,
As fittest to beguile;
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Thomas Hardy

Praise Of Ysolt
In vain have I striven,
to teach my heart to bow;
In vain have I said to him
'There be many singers greater than thou'.
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Ezra Pound

The Poet's Song
I HID in the world and sang,
And I sang so loud and long
That all the ages rang
With the music of my song.
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Frederick George Scott

The Heart Of A Song
Dear love, let this my song fly to you:
Perchance forget it came from me.
It shall not vex you, shall not woo you;
But in your breast lie quietly.
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George Parsons Lathrop

After My Death
After my death mourn me this way:
'There was a man-and see: he is no more;
before his time this man died
and his life's song in mid-bar stopped;
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Hayyim Nahman Bialik

A Song Of The Setting Sun
A song of the setting sun!
The sky in the west is red,
And the day is all but done;
While yonder up overhead,
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Ernest Christopher Dowson

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