The Navajo Night Way Ceremony
In beauty may I walk
All day long may I walk
Through the returning seasons may I walk
Beautifully I will possess again
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Anonymous Americas

Beauty And Beauty
When Beauty and Beauty meet
All naked, fair to fair,
The earth is crying-sweet,
And scattering-bright the air,
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Rupert Brooke

The beautiful, the fair, the elegant,
Is that which pleases us, says Kant,
Without a thought of interest or advantage.

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Wilfred Owen

Beauty: [notes For An Unfinished Poem]
The beautiful, the fair, the elegant,
Is that which pleases us, says Kant,
Without a thought of interest or advantage.

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Wilfred Owen

Beauty And Terror
Beauty does not walk through lovely days.
Beauty walks with horror in her hair.
Down long centuries of pleasant ways
Men have found the terrible most fair.
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Lesbia Harford

Beauty Imposes
Beauty imposes reverence in the Spring,
Grave as the urge within the honeybuds,
It wounds us as we sing.

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John Shaw Neilson

Sonnet 127: In The Old Age Black Was Not Counted Fair
In the old age black was not counted fair,
Or if it were, it bore not beauty's name;
But now is black beauty's successive heir,
And beauty slandered with a bastard shame.
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William Shakespeare

All Through Eternity
All through eternity
Beauty unveils His exquisite form
in the solitude of nothingness;
He holds a mirror to His Face
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Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Decalogue Of The Artist
I. You shall love beauty, which is the shadow of God
over the Universe.

II.There is no godless art. Although you love not the
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Gabriela Mistral

Three Palinodias - 02 Conflict Of Wit And Beauty
SIR Wit, who is so much esteem'd,

And who is worthy of all honour,
Saw Beauty his superior deem'd
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Beauty Of The Heart
The beauty of the heart
is the lasting beauty:
its lips give to drink
of the water of life.
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Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

For Beauty Being The Best Of All We Know
For beauty being the best of all we know
Sums up the unsearchable and secret aims
Of nature, and on joys whose earthly names
Were never told can form and sense bestow;
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Robert Seymour Bridges

Beauty Rothraut (From Moricke)
What is the name of King Ringang's daughter?
Rohtraut, Beauty Rohtraut!
And what does she do the livelong day,
Since she dare not knit and spin alway?
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George Meredith

Divinely Superfluous Beauty
The storm-dances of gulls, the barking game of seals,
Over and under the oceanâ?¦
Divinely superfluous beauty
Rules the games, presides over destinies, makes trees grow
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Robinson Jeffers

Estranged from Beauty—none can be—

Estranged from Beauty-none can be-
For Beauty is Infinity-
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Emily Dickinson

Beauty crowds me till I die

Beauty crowds me till I die
Beauty mercy have on me
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Emily Dickinson

Sonnet Xli
Those petty wrongs that liberty commits,
When I am sometime absent from thy heart,
Thy beauty and thy years full well befits,
For still temptation follows where thou art.
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William Shakespeare

I Died For Beauty
I died for beauty, but was scarce
Adjusted in the tomb,
When one who died for truth was lain
In an adjoining room.
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Emily Dickinson

Beauty Arise
Beauty arise, show forth thy glorious shining,
Thine eyes feed love, for them he standeth pining ;
Honor and youth attend to do their duty
To thee, their only sovereign, Beauty.
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Thomas Dekker

Sonnet 068: Thus Is His Cheek The Map Of Days Outworn
Thus is his cheek the map of days outworn,
When beauty lived and died as flowers do now,
Before these bastard signs of fair were born,
Or durst inhabit on a living brow;
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William Shakespeare

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