Jon Corelis Theocritus

Jon Corelis Theocritus Poems

  • 1.  
    'Sincerity comes with the wine-cup,' my dear:
    Then now o'er our wine-cups let us be sincere. My soul's treasured secret to you I'll impart;
  • 2.  
    Friend, Ortho of Syracuse gives thee this charge:
    Never venture out, drunk, on a wild winter's night. I did so and died. My possessions were large;
  • 3.  
    I pipe to Amaryllis; while my goats,
    Tityrus their guardian, browse along the fell. O Tityrus, as I love thee, feed my goats:
  • 4.  
    Read these lines to Epicharmus. They are Dorian as was he
    The sire of Comedy. Of his proper self bereavèd, Bacchus, unto thee we rear
  • 5.  
    This statue, stranger, scan with earnest gaze;
    And, home returning, say 'I have beheld Anacreon, in Teos; him whose lays
  • 6.  
    Thou art come, love, come! Scarce thrice hath dusk to day
    Given place-but lovers in an hour grow gray. As spring's more sweet than winter, grapes than thorns,
  • 7.  
    How fell sage Helen? through a swain like thee.
  • 8.  
    Is dame Praxinoa in?
  • 9.  
    Poor Thyrsis! What boots it to weep out thine eyes?
    Thy kid was a fair one, I own: But the wolf with his cruel claw made her his prize,
  • 10.  
    Once thievish Love the honeyed hives would rob,
    When a bee stung him: soon he felt a throb Through all his finger-tips, and, wild with pain,
  • 11.  
    Where are the bay-leaves, Thestylis, and the charms?
    Fetch all; with fiery wool the caldron crown; Let glamour win me back my false lord's heart!
  • 12.  
    When Cypris saw Adonis,
    In death already lying With all his locks dishevelled,
  • 13.  
    Pause, and scan well Archilochus, the bard of elder days.
    By east and west Alike's confest
  • 14.  
    Who owns these cattle, Corydon? Philondas? Prythee say.
  • 15.  
    Cythera saw Adonis
    And knew that he was dead; She marked the brow, all grisly now,
  • 16.  
    Behold Hipponax' burialplace,
    A true bard's grave. Approach it not, if you're a base
  • 17.  
    Once on a time did Eucritus and I
    (With us Amyntas) to the riverside Steal from the city. For Lycopeus' sons
  • 18.  
    The precentor Damoteles, Bacchus, exalts
    Your tripod, and, sweetest of deities, you. He was champion of men, if his boyhood had faults;
  • 19.  
    For yon oaken avenue, swain, you must steer,
    Where a statue of figwood, you'll see, has been set: It has never been barked, has three legs and no ear;
  • 20.  
    Goats, from a shepherd who stands here, from Lacon, keep away: Sibyrtas owns him; and he stole my goatskin yesterday.
  • 21.  
    Not for us only, Nicias, (vain the dream,)
    Sprung from what god soe'er, was Eros born: Not to us only grace doth graceful seem,
  • 22.  
    Prythee, sing something sweet to me-you that can play
    First and second at once. Then I too will essay To croak on the pipes: and yon lad shall salute
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