We are under a shining sun
That brings no ease to build
We are under the falling rain
Yet we have no water to build
We gathered sand to build
Yet scattered by erosion
We mould our blocks but broken
Our land is drained by rain
Yet we gathered my sons
Our labourers are full of laughter
But we knocked ourselves in, to weep
Like a lamentation for the bereaved
Our builders are not happy
For their labor is not shown
Should we talk about the cracking of our wall
That took away daughters of destiny?
Should we talk about the broken of our wall
That killed men of vision?
Sons of hero are no more
For their works are labor lost
The labourers says within themselves
"Either you build or not
Our wages is granted"
"Either it breaks or not
Our salary is certain"
The works of our builder
Is Like that of water and basket
They gather blocks to mould
Yet all prevail against their images
Where is the founder of this land?
Does our father see our present condition?
I hope they have slept or no more
If not, our building would have succeeded.

Written by Tijani Success Oladotun.
#Senator Dee#