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Lucindy Jane

When I was young I was too proud
To wheel my daughter in her pram.
“It's infra dig,” I said aloud,-
Bot now I'm old, behold I am
Perambulating up and down
Grand-daughter through the town.

And when I come into the Square,
Beside the fountain I will stop;
And as to rest I linger there,
The dames will say: “How do, Grand-pop!
Lucindy Jane with eyes so blue
Looks more and more like you.”

And sure it's pleased as Punch I get,
And take Lucindy on my knee;
Aye, at the risk of getting wet,
I blether to the girls a wee:
Then as we have a bottle date
Home we perambulate.

Gosh! That's the joy of all my day;
And as I play the part of nurse:
“She's got your nose,” I hear them say.
Thinks I: “Well now, she might have worse.”
And how I dream I'll live to see
A great-grandchild upon my knee,
Whom folks say looks like me!

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