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It is better to live for one day as a tiger than to live for a thousand years as a sheep.

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"Tell them dear, that if eyes were made for seeing,Then beauty is its own excuse for beingWhy thou wert there, O rival of the roseI never sought to ask, I never knewBut, in my simple ignorance supposeThe selfsame power that brought me there brought you."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
"The leader can never close the gap between himself and the group. If he does, he is no longer what he must be. He must walk a tightrope between the consent he must win and the control he must exert."

Vince Lombardi
"Education and knowledge is the only asset that you can not loose and no one can take it away from you (From the wisdom of my father Mustapha)."

Abderrahman Hassi
"Dare to love every person, including yourself. Become the energy of love."

Bryant McGill
"Gândirea pozitivă este aceea care te face să crezi că, atunci când te prăbuşeşti în prăpastie, zbori spre antipod. De fapt, aşa şi este!"

Gavriil Stiharul