The Navajo Night Way Ceremony
In beauty may I walk
All day long may I walk
Through the returning seasons may I walk
Beautifully I will possess again
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Anonymous Americas
I Know, You Walk--
I walk so often, late, along the streets,
Lower my gaze, and hurry, full of dread,
Suddenly, silently, you still might rise
And I would have to gaze on all your grief
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Hermann Hesse
A Song Of The Road
O I will walk with you, my lad, whichever way you fare,
You'll have me, too, the side o' you, with heart as light as air;
No care for where the road you take's a-leadin' anywhere,--
It can but be a joyful ja'nt whilst you journey there.
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James Whitcomb Riley
Autumn Song
'WILL you not walk the woods with me?
The shafts of sunlight burn
On many a golden-crested tree
And many a russet fern.
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Edith Nesbit
O Why Do You Walk (A Parody)
O why do you walk through the fields in boots,
Missing so much and so much?
O fat white woman whom nobody shoots,
Why do you walk through the fields in boots,
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Alfred Edward Housman
Learning To Go Alone
Come, my darling, come away,
Take a pretty walk to-day;
Run along, and never fear,
I'll take care of baby dear:
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Ann Taylor
We will never walk again
As we used to walk at night,
Watching our shadows lengthen
Under the gold street-light
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Sara Teasdale
I Know Moonrise
I know moonrise, I know starrise,
Lay dis body down.
I walk in de moonlight, I walk in de starlight,
To lay dis body down.
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Anonymous Americas
The Comrades
The angels walk with men in the red ruin and rain,
White and gold, as of old, without spot or stain.
Our warriors fought and died, the white lords by their side.
The angels walk with men.
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Katharine Tynan
Velvet Shoes
Let us walk in the white snow
In a soundless space;
With footsteps quiet snd slow,
At a tranquil pace,
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Elinor Morton Wylie
To A Lady Seen From The Train
O why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
Missing so much and so much?
O fat white woman whom nobody loves,
Why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
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Frances Darwin Cornford
To peter
And he called you to walk on the waters
You're not sure if its a ghost or your hero
What if, T'was a ghost you would have drowned in the waves

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Apollos Alpha
Mixed Emotions
Inside I'm crying
Outside I'm smiling
No one notices
But it's hard for me to control this
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Flourish Future
Come, Walk With Me
Come, walk with me,
There's only thee
To bless my spirit now -
We used to love on winter nights
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Emily Jane Brontë
The Walk
You did not walk with me
Of late to the hill-top tree
As in earlier days,
By the gated ways:
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Thomas Hardy
The Golf Walk
Behold, my child, this touching scene,
The golfer on the golfing-green;
Pray mark his legs' uncanny swing,
The golf-walk is a gruesome thing!
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Ellis Parker Butler
Where The Sidewalk Ends
There is a place where the sidewalk ends
and before the street begins,
and there the grass grows soft and white,
and there the sun burns crimson bright,
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Shel Silverstein
The Morning Walk
When Anne and I go out a walk,
We hold each other's hand and talk
Of all the things we mean to do
When Anne and I are forty-two.
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Alan Alexander Milne
walk the autumn long;
the last flower in whose hair,
they lips are cold with songs
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E. E. Cummings
The Walkers
(He speaks.)

Walking, walking, oh, the joy of walking!
Swinging down the tawny lanes with head held high;
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Robert William Service

New Poems