Song By The Window Before Bed
Little Star, little Star,
Come down quick.
The Moon is a bogey-man;
He'll eat you certain if he can.
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Katherine Mansfield

The Star
Last night
I watched a star fall like a great pearl into the sea,
Till my ego expanding encompassed sea and star,
Containing both as in a trembling cup.
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Lola Ridge

The Missing Star
WHY did the star leave the sky,
The far, pure sky?
Shone she not high and hallowed and fair?
Could she not tarry her life-time there?
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Augusta Davies Webster

My Star
All that I know
Of a certain star,
Is, it can throw
(Like the angled spar)
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Robert Browning

To Revenita (09)
Thou hast beamed on my pathway, a vision of light,
To guide and to bless from afar;
To illume with thy smile the dead chill of night,
My star, my bright, beautiful star.
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Madge Morris Wagner

I Was Considering How
i was considering how
within night's loose
sack a star's
nibbling in-
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E. E. Cummings

Star Of The East
Star of the East, that long ago
Brought wise men on their way
Where, angels singing to and fro,
The Child of Bethlehem lay-
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Eugene Field

We Three Kings Of Orient Are
We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts, we traverse afar.
Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
Following yonder star.
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Rev. John Henry Hopkins

The Star Of Bethlehem
When marshal'd on the nightly plain,
The glittering host bestud the sky;
One star alone, of all the train,
Can fix the sinner's wandering eye.
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Henry Kirk White

The Evening Star
Smiles soon abate; the boisterous throes
Of anger long burst forth;
Inconstantly the south-wind blows,
But steadily the north.
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Walter Savage Landor

The eyes that mock me sign the way
Whereto I pass at eve of day.

Grey way whose violet signals are
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James Joyce

Falling Stars.
Only a falling star!
What was it to him
If millions of mortals were
Hurled down the dim
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Robert Crawford

For My Daughter
When I die choose a star
and name it after me
that you may know
I have not abandoned
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David Ignatow

The Star
I HAD a star to sing by, a beautiful star that led,
But when I sang of its splendour the world in its wisdom said:
'Sweet are your songs, yet the singer sings but in madness when
He hymns but stars unbeholden of us his fellows of men;
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Edith Nesbit

Star And The Meteor
DIRECTED by a little star,
I paced towards my own loved cot,
When rushed a meteor from afar,
And I my little guide forgot.
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Joseph Skipsey

From a fearful height, a wandering light,
but does a star glitter like this, crying?
Transparent star, wandering light
your brother, Petropolis, is dying.
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Osip Emilevich Mandelstam

The Star
I had a star to sing by, a beautiful star that led,
But when I sang of its splendour the world in its wisdom said:
“Sweet are your songs, yet the singer sings but in madness when
He hymns but stars unbeholden of us his fellows of men;
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E. (Edith) Nesbit

Ah, Moon—and Star!

Ah, Moon-and Star!
You are very far-
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Emily Dickinson

To The Evening Star
Star that bringest home the bee,
And settâ??st the weary labourer free!
If any star shed peace, â??tis thou,
That send â??st it from above,
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Thomas Campbell

Song To The Evening Star
1 Star that bringest home the bee,
2 And sett'st the weary labourer free!
3 If any star shed peace, 'tis thou,
4 That send'st it from above,
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Thomas Campbell

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