Sister Jane
WHEN Sister Jane, who had produced a child,
In prayer and penance all her hours beguiled
Her sister-nuns around the lattice pressed;
On which the abbess thus her flock addressed:
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Jean De La Fontaine

Brother And Sister
"SISTER, sister, go to bed!
Go and rest your weary head."
Thus the prudent brother said.

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Lewis Carroll

For Sale
One sister for sale!
One sister for sale!
One crying and spying young sister for sale!
I-m really not kidding,
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Shel Silverstein

Sister Maude
Who told my mother of my shame,
Who told my fatlier of my dear?
Oh who but Maude, my sister Maude,
Who lurked to spy and peer.
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Christina Rossetti

The Nursing Sister
Maternity Hospital

Our sister sayeth such and such,
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Rudyard Kipling

The Black Swan
When the swans turned my sister into a swan
I would go to the lake, at night, from milking:
The sun would look out through the reeds like a swan,
A swan's red beak; and the beak would open
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Randall Jarrell

To France
What is the gift we have given thee, Sister?
What is the trust we have laid in thy hand?
Hearts of our bravest, our best, and our dearest,
Blood of our blood we have sown in thy land.
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Frederick George Scott

Sister's Garden
It's already cool, it's already late,

It's already autumn

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Georg Trakl

No Spouse But A Sister
A bachelor I will
Live as I have liv'd still,
And never take a wife
To crucify my life;
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Robert Herrick

My Sister Laura
My sister Laura's bigger than me
And lifts me up quite easily.
I can't lift her, I've tried and tried;
She must have something heavy inside.
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Spike Milligan

The Days When We Were Young
Sister! Sister! don't you remember
The days when we were young?
The long, long days, with a light and a shade
Like the pearls of a necklace strung,
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Henry Clay Work

The Shag
"What is that great bird, sister, tell me,
Perched high on the top of the crag?"
"'T is the cormorant, dear little brother;
The fishermen call it the shag."
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Celia Thaxter

Jack The Rover
'MY brother Jack the Rover, Sir!'
'Bless me, I thought he was a cousin?'
'Bound on a voyage to Elsinore!'
'Most merry damsels have a dozen!'
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Joseph Skipsey

I am Liberty-God's daughter!
My symbols-a law and a torch;
Not a sword to threaten slaughter,
Nor a flame to dazzle or scorch;
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John Boyle O'Reilly

Heriot's Ford
"What's that that hirples at my side?"
The foe that you must fight, my lord.
"That rides as fast as I can ride?"
The shadow of your might, my lord.
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Rudyard Kipling

Sister, Awake!
Sister, awake! close not your eyes!
The day her light discloses,
And the bright morning doth arise
Out of her bed of roses.
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Noble Sisters
“Now did you mark a falcon,
Sister dear, sister dear,
Flying toward my window
In the morning cool and clear?
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Christina Rossetti

The Twa Sisters
(Sharpe's Ballad Book, No. X., p. 30.)

There liv'd twa sisters in a bower,
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Andrew Lang

Swallow, my sister, O sister swallow,
How can thine heart be full of the spring?
A thousand summers are over and dead.
What hast thou found in the spring to follow?
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Algernon Charles Swinburne

At The Summer Cottage
Father's in the woodshed,
Cleaning forty fish;
Mother's in the kitchen,
Washing every dish;
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Edgar Albert Guest

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