Another On The Said Occasion
ONE Queen Artemisia, as old stories tell,
When deprived of her husband she loved so well,
In respect for the love and affection he show'd her,
She reduc'd him to dust and she drank up the powder.
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Robert Burns
A Christmas Carol
Welcome, sweet Christmas, blest be the morn
That Christ our Saviour was born!
Earth's Redeemer, to save us from all danger,
And, as the Holy Record tells, born in a manger.
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William Topaz McGonagall
Bury me with....
What is wealth if you won't bury me with it
What is women if you won't bury me with them
What is respect if you won't bury me with it
What is power is you won't bury me with it
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Apollos Alpha
Of The Visage Of Things
OF the visages of things--And of piercing through to the accepted
hells beneath;
Of ugliness--To me there is just as much in it as there is in
beauty--And now the ugliness of human beings is acceptable to
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Walt Whitman
When youâ??re suffering hard for your sins, old man,
When you wake to trouble and sleep illâ??
Oh, this is the clack of the middle class,
â??Win back the respect of the people!â??
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Henry Lawson
Still to our gains our chief respect is had ;
Reward it is that makes us good or bad.

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Robert Herrick
The Bookworms
THROUGH and through th' inspir'd leaves,
Ye maggots, make your windings;
But O respect his lordship's taste,
And spare his golden bindings.
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Robert Burns
Epitaph On The Same
HERE lies, now a prey to insulting neglect,
What once was a butterfly, gay in life's beam:
Want only of wisdom denied her respect,
Want only of goodness denied her esteem.
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Robert Burns
The Hoary Precedent
Mr. Pericles, M.P.,
In four-sixty-nine B.C.,
Outed Cimon at a general election;
Premier Cimon, thuswise ex-ed,
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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Variations On A Text By Vallejo
Me moriré en Paris con aguacero ...

I will die in Miami in the sun,
On a day when the sun is very bright,
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Donald Justice
Hero And Leander
It lies not in our power to love or hate,
For will in us is over-rul'd by fate.
hen two are stript long ere the course begin,
We wish that one should lose, the other win;
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Christopher Marlowe
Growing In Spirit
He who hopes to grow in spirit
will have to transcend obedience and respect.
He'll hold to some laws
but he'll mostly violate
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Constantine P. Cavafy
The Late Sir John Ogilvy
Alas! Sir John Ogilvy is dead, aged eighty-seven,
But I hope his soul is now in heaven;
For he was a generous-hearted gentleman I am sure,
And, in particular, very kind unto the poor.
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William Topaz McGonagall
Indian Mutiniy
British infants who were nobly born
Were from their bleeding mother's bosom torn
And with the bayonet dashed upon the street
There left to lie for native dogs to eat.
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James McIntyre
Hate Me Or Love Me
I honour your name, your love for me in stars was written,
I will respect this vow eternally,
No matter how our future'll be,
I'll keep for you forever untainted my integrity.
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Cristina Teodor
My sailing boat, crafted of redwood, is swift,
My flute is carved out of jasper.

With water a stain is removed from the silk,
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Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev
To Laugh Often and Much
To laugh often and much;â?¨
to win the respect of the intelligent peopleâ?¨
and the affection of children;â?¨
to earn the appreciation of honest criticsâ?¨
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Ralph Waldo Emerson
I have to live with myself and so
I want to be fit for myself to know.
I want to be able as days go by,
always to look myself straight in the eye;
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Edgar Albert Guest
The Limitations Of Greatness
NO MAN really knows enough
To be hateful to his brother,
None is rich enough to cuff
And be cruel to another;
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Edgar Albert Guest
Fragments - Lines 1327 - 1334
My boy, as long as your cheeks and chin are smooth, I shall never
Cease to praise you, not even if I am fated to die.
For you, the giver, it is still honorable, and for me as lover it is not shameful
To ask. But I beseech you, in the name of my parents:
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