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1. Once Failure Crossed My Path
Once failure crossed my path.
All I wondered was life was out of blue.

Like a rainstorm it touched me with the naked fact; "I have failed."
Veronica Kudnavar
2. The Old Survey
Our money's all spent, to the deuce went it!
The landlord, he looks glum,
On the tap-room wall, in a very bad scrawl,
He has chalked to us a sum.
Banjo Paterson
3. Quite A Habit....
Here comes the morning;
Blue sky, lush grass, dew drops
Yet thee not beholding my eyes;
Here comes the noon;
4. Your Death
You lived for a short while and then you left me alone
I was not prepared for your demise
It came with its shock
And it still shocks
Shez Whiney
5. Life Is Life
Rupali Jha
6. War With Myself
"No, please, stop, I don't want to go over this again", but it said
"just one more, it wouldn't strain a muscle. It's not the first time remember?"
How sad i gave into desires, known to my soul as unclean
Raped by my urges. Lonliness, shame, disgust, worthlessness are what I know.
7. Heavens Could Not Wait For You...
If only I had the power
The power to hold your breath
I wouldn't have let it away
I wouldn't have let you close your eyes eternally
Nonkululeko Ngcobo
8. With You In My Life
My Life was a book of empty pages,
Some shredded in rages,
Others crayoned in black,
Proof how my life was a wreck.
Salma Hatim
9. Teacher (haiku)
the timid teacher
afraid to teach rowdy class
one boy takes her hand.

Salma Hatim
10. I Have A Life To Live
Rupali Jha
11. Mind On Fire Living With Depression
Depression comes up whenever someone hurts you so bad,
Comes from the words of those cruel people,
And from those who physically abuse you.
Sometimes you just have to cry it all,
Richmond Gellez
12. Jindagi Ko Jina Sikho
jindagi ko jina sikho
hara ansu ko pina sikho
hara pala musakurana sikho
raste asana banana sikho
Gautam Mukhi
13. A Bee His Burnished Carriage

A Bee his burnished Carriage
Drove boldly to a Rose-
Emily Dickinson
14. Life
I am just like a drop of the rain,
That success I always gain.
To live a meaningful life is main,
My dreams are long like a train.
Saiyam Sharma
15. Jidangi Jile Apana Jivana .
jidangi _ e _ jidangi,
tune jo kathina'iyam di thi , kya vo kama tha?
ki bina mange tumane _ muphta mem diya vo gama tha .

Saurav Prakash
16. Arazu
jo tuma prema se mumha mora san'yasa le li'e, to maim prema ki asa kisase karumgi?
jo tuma mala japoge, to maim nama kisaka dohara'umgi?
jo khuda ko qasamom mem bamdha li'e, to maim rasmem kisake sanga nibha'umgi?
para jo tuma ruka kara ye hatha thama lo, to vacana hai ajivana seva tumhari karumgi.
Roshni Kumari
17. Our Nation Is Ill
Doom Days Drum
Blood and war on the hill
The centre is shattered
Ola Olawale
18. In This Land
What can be said of this land
With my people threading on it
It has become a wailing land
Life is born and given away
Esther Ayanlowo
19. You Are Aware
You are aware of your world,
Detached from where other's life curled.

You aren't aware who will lie,
Sakshi Seth
20. Black Beauty
Ebony is what I call her name
She and beauty are equal and same
Whenever she's out of sight causes an ache
Because she taste sweet like cake
Ogunjobi Olaitan
21. African Sun
When I was four years old
My village mates and I
Used to gossip
About the African sun
Ibrahim Bangura[cleffy]
22. Pegasus
Same night you met me in the park
We laughed, told stories not nightmares
Brought you next to my heart
You know my sweater still smells like you
Jova Petr
23. Around Me
What is happening around me is noticed not oblivious
Life became tremendously agitating
Indebtedness of generosity has become insignificant
Baffled I am with tons of questions
Herphsert Yg
24. Those Scars Are Beautiful
Every day you see your Scars,
The scars that define your past,
The scars that define what you are,
The scars that will interfere with your future,
Richmond Gellez
25. Dear Friends
I'm tired of this relationship,
A relationship that has no weight.
Tired of all the days,
That has been wasted,
Richmond Gellez
26. I Am So Sure...
What is it? I want to whisper here, I am not so sure.
What words, I am to endorse here, I am not so sure.
What my fingers are up to, I am not so sure.
This mind! So playful! Playing what? I am not so sure.
Ayesha Butt
27. Moon Watchers
Last night I fell asleep watching the moon from my bedroom window
I imagined that you were watching it too
And for that moment
However small
Dayna Melass
28. Silence
Where and what is silence ?
In the stillness of nature,
In the dark night with the glowing moon,
In the cold grave,
Salma Hatim
29. My Mom And Dad
I feel like I am alone
But I am not
Because my mom and dad are always there to hold my hands
I feel like I am worthless
30. Tears
Talk to Allah with your tears,
He will understand you better,
Don't be disappointed if he doesn't answer,
He may be redirecting you,
Salma Hatim
31. The Ephemeral Of Life
Life is a long but narrow route
All travellers a day must cross
Again a short thinned passage
All welfares' must trample upon
Benjamin Chikezie
32. Green
Green is crying
Trees are dying
Plants are begging human
To spear their family
Hafsah Ayoub
33. Red
Red means love
Red means destruction
Red is the rose
Red is the blood
Hafsah Ayoub
34. Waqt!
Waqt kuch khaas lekar aya hai
Kuch naya sabak leke aya hai
Kuch waqt jo kisi auro ke liye gawaya hai
Bs uska kuch hisaab krne aya hai
Mayuri Patil
35. Red Signal
Red is the color of love
But; 4 me red
Is a color of stop
My red signal;my periods
Amina Hanfa
36. How Much Of Godhood
How much of Godhood did it take-
What purging epochs had to pass,
Ere I was fit for leaf and lake
And worthy of the patient grass?
Louis Untermeyer
37. Life
Life is a Painting,
Which is Enchanting,
So let's do the Hunting,
Before Eventing!
Writer Izna
38. A Man May Make A Remark

A Man may make a Remark-
In itself-a quiet thing
Emily Dickinson
39. A Friend That Is Far Away
*_A poem for a friend far away_*

A special friend that is far away
one with a smile like the morning sun
Nesdon Cluston Keil Charles
40. Ghazal 62
Well done O messenger, bring a message from my friend
Willingly I'll give my own life for the sake of my friend.
Like a nightingale in cage, being love-sick is my trend
A singing parrot in love with nuts and sweets of my friend.
Shams Al-din Hafiz Shirazi
41. Fits And Befits
Ten rolling fingers
Few bold and straight
Rest not assured
With faith and fate.
Chaitali Chatterjee
42. Upon Our Tears
upon our tears
lays the pains of our heart
sometimes, it gushes from our mirth
but the orphans wet from
Yahaya A Gimba
43. Fragments (underestimation)
I was broken but not shattered,
I was pieces but not scarttered,
I've been fragmented and not tattered,
I was strong, that's what mattered.
Chiemelie Solomon Ikwuemesibe
44. Fiction And Fact
In books I read, how men have lived and died,
With hopeless love deep in their bosoms hidden.
While she for whom they long in secret sighed,
Went on her way, nor guessed this flame unbidden.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
45. The Appointed Time
Yet though a man gets many wounds in breast,
He dieth not, unless the appointed time,
The limit of his life's span, coincide;
Nor does the man who by the hearth at home
46. Beautiful Dreamer Serenade
1 Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me,
2 Starlight and dewdrops are waiting for thee;
3 Sounds of the rude world heard in the day,
4 Lull'd by the moonlight have all pass'd a way!
Stephen C. Foster
47. Can You?
Take me where the sun does never bids the world, Or any passionate soul without a word.

Take me where the wings do not know their flight,
Or where the taper ignites without any light.
Sk Saddam Parvez
48. Her.
the door i am trying to unlock, the door to your soul.
I see those eyes from light years away like the sun in the sky, the sky of green fused with brown spotted stars that shine so bright, those eyes implanted into a mind so profound yet not fully understood.
I am trying to unlock, the depths of your mind, the minds vibrations i feel when i am around you.
Speaking to me silently, inviting me in but the door is locked, the door i am trying to unlock.
Arielle Eloff
49. Tell Me, O Swan, Your Ancient Tale
Tell me, O Swan, your ancient tale.
From what land do you come,
O Swan? to what shore will you fly?
Where would you take your rest,
50. Your Beautiful Brown Eyes
I'm looking at the sky, so peaceful, so sublime,
This peace invading my being when,
Are shinning serene to my heart,
Your beautiful brown eyes.
Cristina Teodor
51. My First Ever Mistake
The mistake I had never expected,
I did it without getting into awareness
Of how it would react.
Lacking that girl in me is like lacking
Abubakar Mohammed Musa
52. Canto Xlv
With Usura

With usura hath no man a house of good stone
each block cut smooth and well fitting
Ezra Pound
53. The Moon’s The North Wind’s Cooky
(What the Little Girl Said)

The Moon's the North Wind's cooky.
He bites it, day by day,
Vachel Lindsay
54. All Mad
“He is mad as a hare, poor fellow,
And should be in chains,” you say.
I haven't a doubt of your statement,
But who isn't mad, I pray?
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
55. The Storm
THE STORM ( written by Mr. Maleke Mohono)
Wind blew
Strong wind of horror
Wind of disaster
Liks Lekes
56. Rainy Dream
It was raining when I saw you.
You were standing beside me.
You looked at me, I looked at you too.
You smiled at me and I smiled at you too.
Chonto Monto
57. Poetry
Poetry is a painting of words,
The colours are our tears and thoughts,
That flow from the mind to the pen in hand and onto the paper.
The different figure of speech and tone used in poetry enhances its texture.
Salma Hatim
58. Uniformity
Though we think alike
but our actions are nothing alike
Today, we march in unity
then the next day we are in disparity
Ogunjobi Olaitan
59. Here Lies The Soul, As Pure As Gold !
Here lies the soul,
As pure as gold,
Untouched by evils,
Nurtured with dilligent care;
Kanishk Chaturvedi
60. Iambs
iambic pentameter's good
as josh have said "it's good to write"
we can insist to learn the more
we write, for easier it gets
Yahaya A Gimba
61. To Miss Vera Beringer
There was a young lady of station
“I love man” was her sole exclamation
But when men cried, “You flatter”
She replied, “Oh! no matter
Lewis Carroll
62. Loving You
I see how you look into the mirror
The self-doubt that has you still gazing into it
Noticing the scars that lay revealed
And the teary eyes that blur your sight
Llaka Tshesane
63. Myself And My Person
There are moments
when I feel more clearly than ever
that I am in the company
of my own person.
Anna Swirszczynska
64. Never Bite A Married Woman On The Thigh
Never bite a married woman on the thigh oh my
Cause she just can't rub it off no matter how she'll try
And when she gets home at night her man will ask her why
Then she'll say it's just a birthmark or some other silly lie
Shel Silverstein
65. Stupid Pencil Maker
Some dummy built this pencil wrong,
The eraser's down here where the point belongs,
And the point's at the top - so it's no good to me,
It's amazing how stupid some people can be.
Shel Silverstein
66. Loot
If you've ever stole a pheasant-egg be'ind the keeper's back,
If you've ever snigged the washin' from the line,
If you've ever crammed a gander in your bloomin' 'aversack,
You will understand this little song o' mine.
Rudyard Kipling
67. The Rainbow
My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
William Wordsworth
68. The Dove
I had a dove, and the sweet dove died;
And I have thought it died of grieving:
Oh, what could it grieve for? its feet were tied
With a silken thread of my own hands' weaving.
John Keats
69. Autumn Birds
The wild duck startles like a sudden thought,
And heron slow as if it might be caught.
The flopping crows on weary wings go by
And grey beard jackdaws noising as they fly.
John Clare
70. Crocodile's Toothache
Oh the Crocodile
Went to the dentist
And sat down in the chair,
And the dentist said, 'Now tell me, sir,
Shel Silverstein
71. A Well Kept Promise !
I fell like snow on a mountain
i ran like water into the river \
i went miles to have you
you can't touch
Hunar Kalra
72. Sonnet 144: Two Loves I Have, Of Comfort And Despair
Two loves I have, of comfort and despair,
Which like two spirits do suggest me still:
The better angel is a man right fair,
The worser spirit a woman coloured ill.
William Shakespeare
73. Westward On The High-hilled Plains
Westward on the high-hilled plains
Where for me the world began,
Still, I think, in newer veins
Frets the changeless blood of man.
A. E. Housman
74. Ethics
we are somewhat miles
still close
they cannot take decisions
Hunar Kalra
75. Five Haiku
The wind
Rolls a cigarette of air

Paul Eluard
76. The Frowning Cliff
The sea has a laugh
And the cliff a frown;
For the laugh of the sea is wearing him down.

Herbert Asquith
77. Primer Lesson
Look out how you use proud words.
When you let proud words go, it is not easy to call them back.
They wear long boots, hard boots; they walk off proud; they can't hear you calling--
Look out how you use proud words.
Carl Sandburg
78. The Battle Cry Of Freedom (southern Version)
Our flag is proudly floating
On the land and on the main,
Shout, shout the battle cry of Freedom!
Beneath it oft we've conquered,
Anonymous Americas
79. A Letter Of Anti-slave Trade Memorandum.
At the meeting
Of an international NGO
Which took place in Freetown
80. You Girl
You pretty soul in the back seat
Your diamond voice is super neat
It wows me like a magical trick
It does make me want to flirt
Cabdi Muqtaar
81. Innocent Killings In Kashmir
My dear friend, I see everyday bloodshed in Kashmir.
My dear friend, I see everyday in Kashmir innocent Rose's lost their life .
My dear friend, I see everyday mother's lost their innocent Rose's in Kashmir.
My dear friend, I see everyday blood flowing in the river's.
Shariq Lone
82. King Of The Monsters
He is the king of monsters
The destroyer of Tokyo Japan
Defeating all the losers
I'm one of his biggest fan
Andrew Eufre Belga
83. Ann Arbor Variations
Wet heat drifts through the afternoon
like a campus dog, a fraternity ghost
waiting to stay home from football games.
Frank O'hara
84. My Friend
Art thou abroad on this stormy night
on thy journey of love, my friend?
The sky groans like one in despair.

Rabindranath Tagore
85. In Time Of Drought
The rushes are black by the river bed,
And the sheep and the cattle stand
Wistful-eyed, where the waters were,
In a waste of gravel and sand;
Mary Hannay Foott
86. Ignoto
I love thee not for sacred chastity.
Who loves for that? nor for thy sprightly wit:
I love thee not for thy sweet modesty,
Which makes thee in perfection's throne to sit.
Christopher Marlowe
87. A Wounded Deer—leaps Highest

A Wounded Deer—leaps highest—
I've heard the Hunter tell—
Emily Dickinson
88. Hymn Vii: Let The Beasts Their Breath Resign
Let the beasts their breath resign,
Strangers to the life divine;
Who their God can never know,
Let their spirit downward go.
John Wesley
89. Wind Song
LONG ago I learned how to sleep,
In an old apple orchard where the wind swept by counting its money and throwing it away,
In a wind-gaunt orchard where the limbs forked out and listened or never listened at all,
In a passel of trees where the branches trapped the wind into whistling, 'Who, who are you?'
Carl Sandburg
90. Ode To Walt Whitman
By the East River and the Bronx
boys were singing, exposing their waists
with the wheel, with oil, leather, and the hammer.
Ninety thousand miners taking silver from the rocks
Federico Garcà­a Lorca
91. The Giving Tree
Once there was a tree....
and she loved a little boy.
And everyday the boy would come
and he would gather her leaves
Shel Silverstein
92. Cloony The Clown
I'll tell you the story of Cloony the Clown
Who worked in a circus that came through town.
His shoes were too big and his hat was too small,
But he just wasn't, just wasn't funny at all.
Shel Silverstein
93. Loser
Mama said I'd lose my head
If it wasn't fastened on.
Today I guess it wasn't
'Cause while playing with my cousin
Shel Silverstein
94. The Winner
The hulk of a man with a beer in his hand looked like a drunk old fool,
And I knew that if I hit him right, I could knock him off that stool.
But everybody said, 'Watch out, that's Tiger Man McCool.
He's had a whole lot of fights, and he always come out the winner.
Shel Silverstein
95. The Toucan
Tell me who can
Catch a toucan?
Lou can.

Shel Silverstein
96. Hell In Texas
The devil, we're told, in hell was chained,
and a thousand years he there remained,
and he never complained, nor did he groan,
but determined to start a hell of his own
Anonymous Americas
97. The Fall Of Jock Gillespie
This fell when dinner-time was done --
'Twixt the first an' the second rub --
That oor mon Jock cam' hame again
To his rooms ahist the Club.
Rudyard Kipling
98. The King's Pilgrimage
Our King went forth on pilgrimage
His prayers and vows to pay
To them that saved our heritage
And cast their own away.
Rudyard Kipling
99. For To Admire
The Injian Ocean sets an' smiles
So sof', so bright, so bloomin' blue;
There aren't a wave for miles an' miles
Excep' the jiggle from the screw.
Rudyard Kipling
100. Norman And Saxon
My son," said the Norman Baron, "I am dying, and you will be heir
To all the broad acres in England that William gave me for my share
When we conquered the Saxon at Hastings, and a nice little handful it is.
But before you go over to rule it I want you to understand this:-
Rudyard Kipling

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