Paris In Spring
The city's all a-shining
Beneath a fickle sun,
A gay young wind's a-blowing,
The little shower is done.
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Sara Teasdale

Paris [paris, Hvor Er Du Dog Lystig Og Glad]

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Hans Christian Andersen

In Paris
Homes reach the stars, the sky's below,
The land in smoke to it is near.
Inside the big and happy Paris
Remains the secretive despair.
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Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva

J'ai vu Paris dans l'ombre
Hypogée où l'on riait trop
Paris une grande améthyste
Ces soldats belges en troupe
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Guillaume Apollinaire

L’Aube A L’Envers
A Louis Dumoulin.

Le Point-du-Jour avec Paris au large,
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Paul Verlaine

A New Pilgrimage: Sonnet Vii
Ah, Paris, Paris! What an echo rings
Still in those syllables of vain delight!
What voice of what dead pleasures on what wings
Of Maenad laughters pulsing through the night!
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Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

Black Stone On Top Of A White Stone
I shall die in Paris, in a rainstorm,
On a day I already remember.
I shall die in Paris-- it does not bother me--
Doubtless on a Thursday, like today, in autumn.
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Cesar Vallejo

Paris Susende, vexlende, trættende, broget
Susende, vexlende, trættende, broget
Er det omkring mig, â?? jeg er i Paris!
Ret som en Carnevalsdag er hver Dag her,
Et travesteret, nyt Paradiis.
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Hans Christian Andersen

My Paris is a land where twilight days
Merge into violent nights of black and gold;
Where, it may be, the flower of dawn is cold:
Ah, but the gold nights, and the scented ways!
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Arthur Symons

A New Pilgrimage: Sonnet Vi
Away from sorrow! Yes, indeed, away!
Who said that care behind the horseman sits?
The train to Paris, as it flies to--day,
Whirls its bold rider clear of ague fits.
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Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

Fair And Fair
Oenone. Fair and fair, and twice so fair,
As fair as any may be;
The fairest shepherd on our green,
A love for any lady.
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George Peele


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Viggo Stuckenberg

Ved En Vens Afrejse Til Paris!

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Hans Christian Andersen

Paris;This April Sunset Completely Utters
Paris;this April sunset completely utters
utters serenely silently a cathedral

before whose upward lean magnificent face
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E. E. Cummings

Modern Love Xxxiii: In Paris, At The Louvre
'In Paris, at the Louvre, there have I seen
The sumptuously-feathered angel pierce
Prone Lucifer, descending. Looked he fierce,
Showing the fight a fair one? Too serene!
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George Meredith

Menelaus And Helen

Hot through Troy's ruin Menelaus broke
To Priam's palace, sword in hand, to sate
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Rupert Brooke

Paris's Second Judgement, Upon The Three Daughters Of My De
Behold! three sister-wonders, in whom met,
Distinct and chast, the splendrous counterfeit
Of Juno, Venus and the warlike Maid,
Each in their three divinities array'd;
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Richard Lovelace

Song Of Insane Gardener
Oh, I dance upon the lawn in the cold, white dawn,
And I gloat upon the corpses of a countless million slain;
Where the frost about my feet spreads its winter winding sheet
There I chuckle and I chortle as I chant my mad refrain;
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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

Paris's Second Judgement, Upon The Three Daughters Of My Dear Brother Mr. R. Caesar.
Behold! three sister-wonders, in whom met,
Distinct and chast, the splendrous counterfeit
Of Juno, Venus and the warlike Maid,
Each in their three divinities array'd;
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Richard Lovelace

The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan
The morning sun touched lightly on
The eyes of Lucy Jordan
In her white suburban bedroom
In a white suburban town,
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Shel Silverstein

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