In the night, in the night,
When thou liest alone,
Ah, the sounds that are blown
In the freaks of the breeze,
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William Watson
Sonnet 89: Now, That Of Absence
Now that of absence the most irksome night,
With darkest shade doth overcome my day;
Since Stella's eyes, wont to give me my day,
Leaving my hemisphere, leave me in night,
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Sir Philip Sidney
Good-night? ah! no; the hour is ill
Which severs those it should unite;
Let us remain together still,
Then it will be good night.
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Percy Bysshe Shelley
The lark is silent in his nest,
The breeze is sighing in its flight,
Sleep, Love, and peaceful be thy rest.
Good-night, my love, good-night, good-night.
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Paul Laurence Dunbar
A Night—there lay the Days between

A Night-there lay the Days between-
The Day that was Before-
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Emily Dickinson
Remorse. (From August Von Platen)
How I started up in the night, in the night,
Drawn on without rest or reprieval!
The streets, with their watchmen, were lost to my sight,
As I wandered so light
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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Day And Night
NIGHT, ambushed in the darkling wood,
Waited to seize the sleeping field,
His sentinels the pine trees stood
Till the sun fell beneath his shield.
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Edith Nesbit
Variations On 'The Short Night--'
Below are eleven Buson haiku
beginning with the phrase
'The short night--'

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Yosa Buson
Far Rockaway Night Till Morning
WHAT can we say of the night?
The fog night, the moon night, the fog moon night last night?

There swept out of the sea a song.
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Carl Sandburg
A Late Good Night
My lamp is out, my task is done,
And up the stair with lingering feet
I climb. The staircase clock strikes one.
Good night, my love! good night, my sweet!
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Robert Fuller Murray
Palabras Cariñosas
GOOD-NIGHT! I have to say good-night
To such a host of peerless things!
Good-night unto the slender hand
All queenly with its weight of rings;
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Thomas Bailey Aldrich
At Carbis Bay
Out of the night of the sea,
Out of the turbulent night,
A sharp and hurrying wind
Scourges the waters white:
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Arthur Symons
Night Movement-New York
IN the night, when the sea-winds take the city in their arms,
And cool the loud streets that kept their dust noon and afternoon;
In the night, when the sea-birds call to the lights of the city,
The lights that cut on the skyline their name of a city;
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Carl Sandburg
Good Night
The sun has sunk behind the hills,
The shadows o'er the landscape creep;
A drowsy sound the woodland fills,
And nature folds her arms to sleep:
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Sam G. Goodrich
Florence Kneels Down To Say Her Prayers
Florence kneels down to say her prayers
At night.
I wonder what she says and why she cares
To pray at night.
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Lesbia Harford
The Last Defeat
Across the field of day
In sudden blazon lay
The pallid bar of gold
Borne on the shield of day.
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Edith Nesbit
The Last Defeat
Across the field of day
In sudden blazon lay
The pallid bar of gold
Borne on the shield of day.
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E. (Edith) Nesbit
The Widower
She left him in death's egg,
the bone sack & the gunny sack,
the bag of down & feathers-all black . . .
Somehow he couldn't get back.
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Erica Jong
Alla Dogana
Night, and the silence of the night,
In Venice; far away, a song;
As if the lyric water made
Itself a serenade;
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Arthur Symons
He cried out through the night:
"Where is the light?
Shall nevermore
Open Heaven's door?
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James Thomson

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