That Justice is a blind goddess
Is a thing to which we black are wise:
Her bandage hides two festering sores
That once perhaps were eyes.
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Langston Hughes

The Disconcerted Tenor
A tenor, all singers above
(This doesn't admit of a question),
Should keep himself quiet,
Attend to his diet,
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William Schwenck Gilbert

Right must not live in idleness,
Nor dwell in smug content;
It must be strong, against the throng
Of foes, on evil bent.
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Edgar Albert Guest

The Price Of Peace
Peace without Justice is a low estate,-
A coward cringing to an iron Fate!
But Peace through Justice is the great ideal,-
We'll pay the price of war to make it real.
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Henry Van Dyke

The Country Justice
TWO lawyers to their cause so well adhered,
A country justice quite confused appeared,
By them the facts were rendered so obscure
With which the truth remained he was not sure.
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Jean De La Fontaine

Justice Arnett
It is true, fellow citizens,
That my old docket lying there for years
On a shelf above my head and over
The seat of justice, I say it is true
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Edgar Lee Masters

One night a feat was held in the palace, and there came a man and
prostrated himself before the prince, and all the feasters looked
upon him; and they saw that one of his eyes was out and that
the empty socket bled. And the prince inquired of him, 'What has
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Khalil Gibran

On The Slaughter
Heaven, beg mercy for me!  If there is
a God in you, a pathway through
you to this God - which I have not
discovered - then pray for me!  For my
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Hayyim Nahman Bialik

Bush Justice
A Dealer, bewitched by gain-promising dreams
Settled down near my Station, to trade with my Teams,
And to sell to, my men too! from whom, through the nose,
Until then, I had screw'd just what prices I chose;
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Charles Harpur

Not guilty, yer Honor . . . An' givin' me reasons,
I'd like for to plead this â??ere change in the seasons,
Plus one flamin' goat with a terrible silly
Great grin on â??is map wot â??ud drive a man dilly
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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

Ã?me! Ã?tre, C'Est Aimer...
�me ! être, c'est aimer.

Il est.

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Victor Marie Hugo

Fragments - Lines 0255 - 0256
The noblest thing is justice; the most advantageous, health;
But what gives greatest delight is to gain the object of one's desire.

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God Save The Flag
Washed in the blood of the brave and the blooming,
Snatched from the altars of insolent foes,
Burning with star-fires, but never consuming,
Flash its broad ribbons of lily and rose.
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Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Idiot Boy

He wandered down the moutain grade
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Rudyard Kipling

Hymn 43 Part 1
Jesus our surety and Savior.

1 Pet. 1:18; Gal. 3:13; Rom. 4:25.

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Isaac Watts

The Two Hermits
Upon a lonely mountain, there lived two hermits who worshipped God
and loved one another.

Now these two hermits had one earthen bowl, and this was their only
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Khalil Gibran

The Resignation
O God, whose thunder shakes the sky,
Whose eye this atom globe surveys,
To thee, my only rock, I fly,
Thy mercy in thy justice praise.
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Thomas Chatterton

Everywhere In America
Not somewhere in America, but everywhere to-day,
Where snow-crowned mountains hold their heads,
the vales where children play,
Beside the bench and whirring lathe, on every
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Edgar Albert Guest

The Defiance Of Eteocles

Now at the Seventh Gate the seventh chief,
Thy proper mother's son, I will announce,
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The Surprises Of The Superhuman
The palais de justice of chambermaids
Tops the horizon with its colonnades.

If it were lost in Übermenschlichkeit,
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Wallace Stevens

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