What Fish Feel
What fish feel,
birds feel, I don't know--
the year ending.

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Matsuo Basho

Feel Me
â??Feel me to do right,â? our father said on his deathbed.
We did not quite knowâ??in fact, not at allâ??what he meant.
His last whisper was spent as through a slot in a wall.
He left us a key, but how did it fit? â??Feel me
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May Swenson

How lonesome the Wind must feel Nights—

How lonesome the Wind must feel Nights-
When people have put out the Lights
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Emily Dickinson

Was He Married?
Was he married, did he try
To support as he grew less fond of them
Wife and family?

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Stevie Smith

I feel my heart melting
in the mildness like candles:
my veins are slow oil
and not wine,
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Gabriela Mistral

Growing Old
What is it to grow old?
Is it to lose the glory of the form,
The lustre of the eye?
Is it for beauty to forego her wreath?
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Matthew Arnold

The Death
Iâ??m hit. Itâ??s come at last, I feel a smart
Of needles in â?¦â?¦My God â?¦. Iâ??m hit again!
No pain this time��no pain�.. and yet�..
my heart��
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Leon Gellert

That this should feel the need of Death

That this should feel the need of Death
The same as those that lived
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Emily Dickinson

I Want To Wake Up With You
When the morning coming and i' m opening my eyes,
I want to see your face and your amazing eyes,
Your smile to wrap me in happiness and joy,
I want to wake up with you.
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Cristina Teodor

A Feel In The Chris'Mas-Air
They's a kind o' _feel_ in the air, to me.
When the Chris'mas-times sets in.
That's about as much of a mystery
As ever I've run ag'in!--
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James Whitcomb Riley

When I Am An Old Lady
When I am an old lady
the young men
will come to me
& sit trembling
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Erica Jong

You And I
I explain quietly. You
hear me shouting. You
try a new tack. I
feel old wounds reopen.
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Roger McGough

My Mother, Me And Our Special Moment
My world is small, restricted,
I wake up, it's warm and darkness,
I'm floating in the water, but i dont feel coldness,
I feel loved and protected.
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Cristina Teodor

When I Feel The Rain I Live
Outside it's raining and i'm watching at my window,
In silence of the world, only the dance of rain i could feel,
My thoughts are in torment of questions and answers,
Only the rain knows what i need.
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Cristina Teodor

Oh, my head! my head! my head!
Lack! for my poor unfortunate head!
Mister de Ville
Has been to feel,
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Richard Harris Barham

.Sharing Same Moon Makes Our Love Eternal
I am sitting at my window watching,
It's night, moon is glowing like a queen of sky,
I know you are too far away to feel me,
But in same time we are sharing the same moon.
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Cristina Teodor

Do You?
Do you hear the rain drops on your window?
Do you feel the wind touching your body?
Do you feel the sun smiling to your face?
Do you hear the birds singing?
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Cristina Teodor

The Two-Fold Suprise
SHE snapt her fingers, on her heel,
Her sweet boot-heel, she turned and left me;
What did I feel?â??What could I feel,
At what of paradise had reft me?
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Joseph Skipsey

I Feel (Verse Libre)
I feel
Very much
Like taking
Its unholy perpetrators
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Lucy Maud Montgomery

Jacob Godbey
How did you feel, you libertarians,
Who spent your talents rallying noble reasons
Around the saloon, as if Liberty
Was not to be found anywhere except at the bar
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Edgar Lee Masters

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