The Shadow-Child
Why do the wheels go whirring round,
Mother, mother?
Oh, mother, are they giants bound,
And will they growl forever?
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Harriet Monroe

The Page And The Miller's Daughter

WHERE goest thou? Where?
Miller's daughter so fair!
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Free-Selector's Daughter
I met her on the Lachlan Side --
A darling girl I thought her,
And ere I left I swore I'd win
The free-selector's daughter.
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Henry Lawson

The Sleep-Walkers
In the town where I was born lived a woman and her daughter, who
walked in their sleep.

One night, while silence enfolded the world, the woman and her
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Khalil Gibran

The King's Daughter
WE WERE ten maidens in the green corn,
Small red leaves in the mill-water:
Fairer maidens never were born,
Apples of gold for the kingâ??s daughter.
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Algernon Charles Swinburne

The parasol is the umbrella’s daughter

The parasol is the umbrella's daughter,
And associates with a fan
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Emily Dickinson

Heine's "Widow Or Daughter?"
Shall I woo the one or other?
Both attract me--more's the pity!
Pretty is the widowed mother,
And the daughter, too, is pretty.
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Eugene Field

The Bride
â??YOU know, my friends, with what a brave carouse
I made a second marriage in my house,â??
Divorced old barren Reason from my bed
And took the Daughter of the Vine to spouse.�
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Ambrose Bierce

To The Rivals
The lovely doe, far from her home, whose lover is angryâ??why did she
laugh? She laughed at the daughter of Edom and the daughter of Arabia who covet her beloved. Why, they are nothing but wild asses, and how can they compare to the doe who nestled against her gazelle? Where is the spirit of prophecy found, where the lampstand, the Ark of the Covenant, the ever-present Shekinah? No, my rivals, do not try to quench love, for if you do, it will blaze up like fire!

Translated by T. Carmi
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Yehudah HaLevi

Grumpy Grandpa
Grand-daughter of the Painted Nails,
As if they had been dipped in gore,
I'd like to set you lugging pails
And make you scrub the kitchen floor.
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Robert William Service

Grumpy Grandpa
Grand-daughter of the Painted Nails,
As if they had been dipped in gore,
I'd like to set you lugging pails
And make you scrub the kitchen floor.
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Robert Service

Heine’s Widow Or Daughter?
Shall I woo the one or other?
Both attract me-more's the pity!
Pretty is the widowed mother,
And the daughter, too, is pretty.
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Eugene Field

An Evening Song To She Who Exists By My Name
Daughter of the daughter of the daughters of the daughter Pe
foreto the apple you ate of yee
beguiling Adam's heights foreto you favorite daughter of the daughter of Pe
being the Mother of the world and the world itself and the child of the world being
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Daniil Ivanovich Kharms

On Snow
From Heaven I fall, though from earth I begin,
No lady alive can show such a skin.
I'm bright as an angel, and light as a feather,
But heavy and dark, when you squeeze me together.
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Jonathan Swift

On My First Daughter
Here lies to each her parents' ruth,
Mary, the daughter of their youth:
Yet, all heaven's gifts, being heaven's due,
It makes the father, less, to rue.
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Ben Jonson

The Rich Man's Woes
HE 'S worth a million dollars and you think he should be glad,
Because you want for money you believe he can't be sad;
His name is in the papers nearly every day or so,
If he wants a trip to Europe he can pack his grip and go,
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Edgar Albert Guest

Nothin' To Say
Nothin' to say, my daughter! Nothin' at all to say!
Gyrls that's in love, I've noticed, ginerly has their way!
Yer mother did, afore you, when her folks objected to me--
Yit here I am, and here you air; and yer mother--where is she?
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James Whitcomb Riley

Ballad Of Earl Haldan's Daughter
It was Earl Haldan's daughter,
She looked across the sea;
She looked across the water;
And long and loud laughed she:
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Charles Kingsley

Red Hanrahan's Song About Ireland
THE old brown thorn-trees break in two high over Cummen Strand,
Under a bitter black wind that blows from the left hand;
Our courage breaks like an old tree in a black wind and dies,
But we have hidden in our hearts the flame out of the eyes
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William Butler Yeats

The Three Roads
There is a town in Ireland,
A little town I know;
Its girls have tender Irish eyes
Beneath their brows of snow;
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Victor James Daley

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