In the village they call her the dark girl
but to me she is the flower Krishnakali
On a cloudy day in a field
I saw the dark girl's dark gazelle-eyes.
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Rabindranath Tagore
Pastel: Masks And Faces
The light of our cigarettes
Went and came in the gloom:
It was dark in the little room.

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Arthur Symons
A white well
In a black cave;
A bright shell
In a dark wave.
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Elinor Morton Wylie
The Radiant Dark
Should I long that dark were fair? Say, O song.
Lacks my love aught that I should long?
Dark the night with breath all flow'rs
And tender broken voice that fills
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George Eliot
Come In
As I came to the edge of the woods,
Thrush music-hark!
Now if it was dusk outside,
Inside it was dark.
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Robert Frost
The Man Giving Birth In The Dark
The man giving birth in the dark
has died
& come back
to life again,
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Erica Jong
The Light That Is Felt
A tender child of summers three,
Seeking her little bed at night,
Paused on the dark stair timidly.
'Oh, mother! Take my hand,' said she,
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John Greenleaf Whittier
When The Dark Comes Down
When the dark comes down, oh, the wind is on the sea
With lisping laugh and whimper to the red reef's threnody,
The boats are sailing homeward now across the harbor bar
With many a jest and many a shout from fishing grounds afar.
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Lucy Maud Montgomery
Ford O' Kabul River
Kabul town's by Kabul river --
Blow the bugle, draw the sword --
There I lef' my mate for ever,
Wet an' drippin' by the ford.
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Rudyard Kipling
Dark Chestnut
Thou shaking thy dark shadows down,
Like leaves before the first leaves fall,
Pourest upon the head of night
Her loveliest loveliness of all-
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John Freeman
The Rainy Day
The day is cold, and dark, and dreary;
It rains,and the wind is never weary;
The vine still clings to the mouldering wall,
But at every gust the dead leaves fall,
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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Friend, without that Dark raptor
Friend, without that Dark raptor
I could not survive.
Mother-in-law shrills at me,
her daughter sneers,
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Not Quite Dark Yet
Not quite dark yet
and the stars shining
above the withered fields.

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Yosa Buson
In That Dark Silent Hour
In that dark silent hour
When the wind wants power,
And in the black height
The sky wants light,
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John Freeman
It's Dark In Here
I am writing these poems
From inside a lion,
And it's rather dark in here.
So please excuse the handwriting
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Shel Silverstein
I see thee better—in the Dark

I see thee better-in the Dark-
I do not need a Light-
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Emily Dickinson
Balmoral Castle

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William Topaz McGonagall
The Dark One Is Krishna
Thick overhead
clouds of the monsoon,
a delight to this feverish heart.
Season of rain,
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Oh, when the land is white as milk
With bloom that lets no leaf between,
When trees are clad in grass-green silk
And thrushes sing in a gold screen:
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Katharine Tynan
The Waits
Frost in the air and music in the air,
And the singing is sweet in the street.
She wakes from a dream to a dream-O hark!
The singing so faint in the dark.
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John Freeman

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