It Takes Courage
It takes strength to conquer, it takes courage to surrender.
It takes strength to be certain, it takes courage to have doubt.
It takes strength to fit in, it takes courage to stand out.

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down and lose hold.

It is the conviction to explore new horizons
When it's easier to believe what we've been told.
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Courage, Courage, Courage!
When the burden grows heavy, and rough is the way,
When you falter and slip, and it isn't your day,
And your best doesn't measure to what is required,
When you know in your heart that you're fast growing tired,
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Edgar Albert Guest

There were many who went in huddled procession,
They knew not whither;
But, at any rate, success or calamity
Would attend all in equality.
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Stephen Crane

The Courage That My Mother Had
The courage that my mother had
Went with her, and is with her still:
Rock from New England quarried;
Now granite in a granite hill.
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Edna St. Vincent Millay

Courage isn't a brilliant dash,
A daring deed in a moment's flash;
It isn't an instantaneous thing
Born of despair with a sudden spring
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Edgar Albert Guest

Macgregor's Gathering
The moon's on the lake, and the mist's on the brae,
And the Clan has a name that is nameless by day;
Then gather, gather, gather Grigalach!
Gather, gather, gather Grigalach!
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Sir Walter Scott

There is a courage, a majestic thing

That springs forth from the brow of pain, full-grown,

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Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The Titanic
Forth flashed the serpent streak of steel,
Consummate crown of man's device;
Down crashed upon an immobile
And brainless barrier of ice.
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Aleister Crowley

Your Dimension Of Greatness
No one can know the potential,
Of a life that is committed to win;
With courage - the challenge it faces,
To achieve great success in the end!
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Anonymous Americas

Supposing That I Should Have The Courage
Supposing that I should have the courage
To let a red sword of virtue
Plunge into my heart,
Letting to the weeds of the ground
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Stephen Crane

The Abnormal Is Not Courage
The Poles rode out from Warsaw against the German
Tanks on horses. Rode knowing, in sunlight, with sabers,
A magnitude of beauty that allows me no peace.
And yet this poem would lessen that day. Question
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Jack Gilbert

Courage 3
ow I will
E'er I be still;
Because I will not smile
So long a while.
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Robert William Service

Courage mes gars:
La guerre est proche.

I plant my little plot of beans,
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Robert William Service

Feigned Courage
Horatio, of ideal courage vain,
Was flourishing in air his father's cane,
And, as the fumes of valour swelled his pate,
Now thought himself this hero, and now that:
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Charles Lamb

To Remorse
MAGIC for fitful souls whose aim is still
Pleasures that forfeit not the mansions blest,
Who deem themselves absolved to approve the best .
While they, protesting hate, pursue the ill;
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Alice Duer Miller

Courage mes gars:
La guerre est proche.

I plant my little plot of beans,
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Robert Service

England’s Enemy
She stands like one with mazy cares distraught.
Around her sudden angry storm-clouds rise,
Dark, dark! and comes the look into her eyes
Of eld. All that herself herself hath taught
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John Freeman

To the Same
I WOULD I had thy courage, dear, to face
This bankruptcy of love, and greet despair
With smiling eyes and unconcerned embrace,
And these few words of banter at â??dull care.â?
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Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

The Proof Of Worth
Though victory's proof of the skill you possess,
Defeat is the proof of your grit;
A weakling can smile in his days of success,
But at trouble's first sign he will quit.
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Edgar Albert Guest

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