That's The Sum Of It
I don't know which to mourn. Both have died on me, my wife and
my car. I feel strongly about my car, but I am also affected by my,
wife. Without my car, I can't leave the house to keep myself from
being alone. My wife gave me two children, both of whom, of course,
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David Ignatow

Portrait Of A Motor Car
IT'S a lean car ... a long-legged dog of a car ... a gray-ghost eagle car.
The feet of it eat the dirt of a road ... the wings of it eat the hills.
Danny the driver dreams of it when he sees women in red skirts and red sox in his sleep.
It is in Danny's life and runs in the blood of him ... a lean gray-ghost car.
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Carl Sandburg

Last Night I Drove A Car
Last night I drove a car
not knowing how to drive
not owning a car
I drove and knocked down
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Gregory Corso

Ecrit Au Bas D'Un Crucifix
Vous qui pleurez, venez à ce Dieu, car il pleure.
Vous qui souffrez, venez à lui, car il guérit.
Vous qui tremblez, venez à lui, car il sourit.
Vous qui passez, venez à lui, car il demeure.
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Victor Marie Hugo

The Lady Of The Motor Car
The Lady of the Motor-car she stareth straight ahead;
Her face is like the stone, my friend, her face is like the dead;
Her face is like the stone, my friend, because she is â??well-bredâ?â??
Because her heart is dead, my friend, as all her life was dead.
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Henry Lawson

The Motor Car
The motor car is sullen, like a thing that should not be;
The motor car is master of Smart Society.
â??Twas born of sweated genius and collared by a clown;
â??Twas planned by Retribution to ride its riders down.
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Henry Lawson

The Young Housewife
At ten A.M. the young housewife
moves about in negligee behind
the wooden walls of her husband's house.
I pass solitary in my car.
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William Carlos Williams

Outside Fargo, North Dakota
Along the sprawled body of the derailed Great Northern freight car,
I strike a match slowly and lift it slowly.
No wind.

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James Arlington Wright

We are what we repeatedly do.

You know how it is waking
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Deborah Ager

Halsted Street Car
Come you, cartoonists,
Hang on a strap with me here
At seven o'clock in the morning
On a Halsted street car.
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Carl Sandburg

Who was frightened by a Passing Motor, and was brought to Reason

“Oh murder! What was that, Papa!”
“My child, It was a Motor-Car,
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Hilaire Belloc

The Woman At The Gate
"Where is your little boy to-day?"
I asked her at the gate.
"I used to see him at his play,
And often I would wait:
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Robert William Service

On The Train

THE lady in front of me in the car,
With little red coils close over her ears,
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Harriet Monroe

Ma And The Auto
Before we take an auto ride Pa says to Ma: 'My dear,
Now just remember I don't need suggestions from the rear.
If you will just sit still back there and hold in check your fright,
I'll take you where you want to go and get you back all right.
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Edgar Albert Guest

Why a Picnic, Jane?
But, why a picnic, Jane? We went last year,
And missed the Cup; and you know how you grieved
Because we lost - Oh! yes, you did, my dear.
I had the tip, but I was not believed.
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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

My Friend, The Parking Lot Attendant
â??he's a dandy
â??small moustache
â??usually sucking on a cigar

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Charles Bukowski

Iowa & Other Accidents
There was snow that afternoon covering the road
which twisted toward the secret
of water, the mysterious surge

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Kate Northrop

Jim Crow Cars
If within the cruel Southland you have chanced to take a ride,
You the Jim Crow cars have noticed, how they crush a Negro's pride,
How he pays a first class passage and a second class receives,
Gets the worst accommodations ev'ry friend of truth believes.
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Lizelia Augusta Jenkins Moorer

The Lucky Ones
stuck in the rain on the freeway, 6:15 p.m.,
these are the lucky ones, these are the
dutifully employed, most with their radios on as loud
as possible as they try not to think or remember.
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Charles Bukowski

The Woman At The Gate
“Where is your little boy to-day?”
I asked her at the gate.
“I used to see him at his play,
And often I would wait:
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Robert Service

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