Show It At The Beach
Oh they won't let us show it at the beach no they won't let us show it at the beach
They think we're gonna grab it if it gets within our reach
And they won't let us show it at the beach

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Shel Silverstein
Cuchullain’s Lament Over Fardiad
Play was each, pleasure each,
Until Fardiad faced the beach;
One had been our student life,
One in strife of school our place,
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George Sigerson
I Saw From The Beach
I saw from the beach, when the morning was shining,
A bark o'er the waters move gloriously on;
I came when the sun o'er that beach was declining,
The bark was still there, but the waters were gone.
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Thomas Moore
My Garden—like the Beach

My Garden-like the Beach-
Denotes there be-a Sea-
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Emily Dickinson
On The Sandy Beach
On the sandy beach,
long is the spring day.

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Masaoka Shiki
Ebb Tide
When the long day goes by
And I do not see your face,
The old wild, restless sorrow
Steals from its hiding place.
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Sara Teasdale
Fragments From The Beach

In retrospect the tragic nature
of sea is a taste wept too daily,
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Bill Knott
Pretty Halcyon Days
How pleasant to sit on the beach,
On the beach, on the sand, in the sun,
With ocean galore within reach,
And nothing at all to be done!
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Ogden Nash
The Man Of His Word
THE man of his word met a maid on the beach,
I The fine art of swimming he offered to teach
If she 'd go with him in the water so blue.
She sighed and said: ' Mister, if I go with you,
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Edgar Albert Guest
The Beach
Squat, unshaven, full of gas,
Joseph Samuels, former clerk
in four large cities, out of work,
waits in the darkened underpass.
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Weldon Kees
The Sandpiper
Across the narrow beach we flit,
One little sandpiper and I;
And fast I gather, bit by bit,
The scattered driftwood bleached and dry.
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Celia Thaxter
ODALISQUES, odalisques,
Treading the pavement
With feet pomegranate-stained:
We bartered for, bought you
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Padraic Colum
Though It Lash The Shallows That Line The Beach
Though it lash the shallows that line the beach,
Afar from the great sea deeps,
There is never a storm whose might can reach
Where the vast leviathan sleeps.
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John Boyle O'Reilly
A Paumanok Picture
TWO boats with nets lying off the sea-beach, quite still,
Ten fishermen waiting--they discover a thick school of mossbonkers--
they drop the join'd seine-ends in the water,
The boats separate and row off, each on its rounding course to the
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Walt Whitman
If thou hast grief
And passion vex the spirit that is in thee-

There was a stony beach
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John Freeman
At The Tide's Will
WHEN the tide came surging in
To the beach it bore
Drift-wood and brown weeds â??
These â?? and nothing more!
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Roderic Quinn
The Space Coast

An Airedale rolling through green frost,
cabbage palms pointing their accusing leaves
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Deborah Ager
On The Beach At Night, Alone
On the beach at night alone,
As the old mother sways her to and fro, singing her husky song,
As I watch the bright stars shining-I think a thought of the clef of the universes, and of the future.

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Walt Whitman
My Gardenâ??like The Beach
My Gardenâ??like the Beachâ??
Denotes there beâ??a Seaâ??
That's Summerâ??
Such as Theseâ??the Pearls
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Emily Dickinson
‘T is better to sit here beside the sea,
Here on the spray-kissed beach,
In silence, that between such friends as we
Is full of deepest speech.
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Paul Laurence Dunbar

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