Fast Anchor'D, Eternal, O Love
FAST-ANCHOR'D, eternal, O love! O woman I love!
O bride! O wife! more resistless than I can tell, the thought of you!
--Then separate, as disembodied, or another born,
Ethereal, the last athletic reality, my consolation;
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Walt Whitman
The Way To Wonderland
Who knows the way to wonderland?
Oh, I know, Oh, I know!
Trotty-te-trot on mama's knee,
Then over the billows of sleepy sea,
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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Song From The Ship
To sea, to sea! The calm is o'er;
The wanton water leaps in sport,
And rattles down the pebbly shore;
The dolphin wheels, the sea-cows snort,
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Thomas Lovell Beddoes
The Oyster Schooner
W'at's all dem bell a ringin' for, a can
hear dem ev'ry w'ere?
W'at's bring de peop' togeder on de w'arf at
Trois Rivieres,
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William Henry Drummond
Be Not Attached
‘Be not attached.' So runs the great command
For those who seek to ‘know' and ‘understand.'
Who sounds the waters of the deeper sea
Must first draw up his anchor and go free.
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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
At Anchor
The soft asphaltum in the sun;
Betrays a tendency to run;
Whereas the dog that takes his way
Across its course concludes to stay.
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Ambrose Bierce
Gently On The Stream Of Time
Gently on the stream of time,
We are floating day by day,
In life's native boats sublime
We soon anchor in the bay.
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Julia Ann Moore
To Sea! To Sea!
TO sea, to sea! The calm is o'er;
The wanton water leaps in sport,
And rattles down the pebbly shore;
The dolphin wheels, the sea-cow snorts,
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Thomas Lovell Beddoes
Song. What Boat Is This That Bears
What boat is this that bears
My soul on an ocean, fanned
By new arriving airs
From an undiscovered land?
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Robert Laurence Binyon
Ultima Thule: Elegiac
Dark is the morning with mist; in the narrow mouth of the harbor
Motionless lies the sea, under its curtain of cloud;
Dreamily glimmer the sails of ships on the distant horizon,
Like to the towers of a town, built on the verge of the sea.
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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Ch 08 On Rules For Conduct In Life - Maxim 74
When a wise man encounters obstacles, he leaps away and casts anchor at the proper opportunity, for thus he will be in the former instance safe on shore, and in the latter he will enjoy himself.

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Saadi Shirazi
Ears In The Turrets Hear
Ears in the turrets hear
Hands grumble on the door,
Eyes in the gables see
The fingers at the locks.
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Dylan Thomas
Claud Halcro's Song
Farewell to Northmaven,
Grey Hillswicke, farewell!
The storms on thy haven,
The storms on thy fell -
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Sir Walter Scott
The Greatness Of The World
Through the world which the Spirit creative and kind
First formed out of chaos, I fly like the wind,
Until on the strand
Of its billows I land,
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Friedrich Schiller
A Song
There is ever a song somewhere, my dear;
There is ever a something sings alway:
There's the song of the lark when the skies are clear,
And the song of the thrush when the skies are gray.
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James Whitcomb Riley
Could I But Ride Indefinite

Could I but ride indefinite
As doth the Meadow Bee
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Emily Dickinson
The Nonsense Verse
At the door of my own little hovel,
Reading a novel I sat;
And as I was reading the novel
A gnat flew away with my hat.
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Alfred Edward Housman
The Parting Song

THE noon of summer sheds its ray
On Harvard's holy ground;
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Oliver Wendell Holmes
The Netherlands (Fragment)
Water and windmills, greenness, Islets green;--
Willows whose Trunks beside the shadows stood
Of their own higher half, and willowy swamp:--
Farmhouses that at anchor seem'd--in the inland sky
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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Sea Of Time.
On that strange sea
Where Man's bark moves as toward eternity,
What sails put forth that are not seen again!
.... Joyous it may be, or in pain,
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Robert Crawford

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