I Have Fallen Into Unconsciousness

I have got out of my own control, I have fallen into unconsciousness; in my utter unconsciousness how joyful I am with myself!
The darling sewed up my eyes so that I might not see other than him, so that suddenly I opened my eyes on his face.
My soul fought with me saying, 'Do not pain me�; I said, 'Take your divorce.� She said, 'Grant it�; I granted it.
When my mother saw on my cheek the brand of your love she cut my umbilical cord on that, the moment I was born.
If I travel to heaven and read the Tablet of the Unseen, O you who are my soul's salvation, without you how I am ruined!
When you cast aside the veil the dead become alive; the light of your face reminded me of the Covenant of Alast.
When I became lost, O soul, through love of the king of the peris, hidden from self and creatures, I am as if peri-born myself.
I said to the Tabriz of Shams-e Din, 'O body, what are you?� Body said, 'Earth�; Soul said, 'I am distraught like the wind.�

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