Poet Marianne Moore

American poet and author (B:1887-11-15 - D:1972-02-05)

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jaxwendy: how is it that no one told me that Marianne Moore spent a very formative summer on Monhegan Island WHEN I WAS THERE THIS SUMMER
Heideggram: ah, but I do like the poem. it is spare but the language is inventive and energetic. it reminds me of the poetry of... https://t.co/3oSBpBksCs
QuotessFamous: "The passion for setting people right is in itself an afflictive disease." - Marianne Moore
bobbygw: Reflections: On Elizabeth Bishop's Poem 'Invitation to Miss Marianne Moore' https://t.co/I1pL9ixRJT
kosiesco: By Disposition of Angels, de Marianne Moore.https://t.co/65vlqmxgq1
poemtoday: A poem by Marianne Moore - (Longfellow's Grave) Silence My father used to say, "Superior people never make... https://t.co/B3TjIeyhbd
TheCalaisAdv: Marianne Moore to Seek Senate District 6 Seat https://t.co/IMaA63990P
jazprose: Marianne Moore (right) and her mother, Mary Warner Moore, at home in Brooklyn, 1932 https://t.co/iyuDDjUTd0
Marianne Moore photo, Marianne Moore image
emrytommasini: "We do not admire what we cannot understand" ~ Marianne Moore, 1921
mindbokeh: Poetry by Marianne Moorehttps://t.co/vjjH2sparS
dehester: Ladies and gentlemen and those of us who are lucky enough to have transcended gender, may I draw your attention, on... https://t.co/D0OPrYZFwY
Lauriebookshop: The Bollingen Prize was awarded in January 11 to Marianne Moore in 1952, Theodore Roethke in 1959 and David Ignatow... https://t.co/pmgsR3KmO3
coffeephilosoph: Willing to Be Reckless: a review of Marianne Moore's "New Collected Poems" https://t.co/SIBxC2OEYm
EdnasPetHacks: "Which of us has not been stunned by the beauty of an animal's skin or its flexibility in motion?" ~ Marianne Moore... https://t.co/seyP7RWJq3
damesnet: 'Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads.' On this day in 1952 US poet - and baseball fan -... https://t.co/aRGdlr5oLs
QuotessFamous: "The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence; not in silence, but restraint." - Marianne Moore
TimesObits: As influences, Wilbur cited TS Eliot, the poems of James Joyce, Hart Crane and Marianne Moore... https://t.co/g6e12hDbjg
rikkiangelides: Let's see some imagination Boston! Let's Marianne Moore the shit out of the space saver game this winter
singhpriyanka: 'The poet, Marianne Moore, said that the only cure for loneliness is solitude. I think, perhaps, what she meant is... https://t.co/ObMOvjEczz
teifidancer: teifidancer: What are years - Marianne Moore ( 15/11/ 1887 - 5/... https://t.co/nTrkF7YMcp
SweFatimah: "The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence." - Marianne Moore
dontattempt: 'The cure for loneliness is solitude.' - Marianne Moore
jaxwendy: someone (Marianne Moore) told me it's all happening at the zoo https://t.co/vhXoYo97OG
Marianne Moore photo, Marianne Moore image
jaxwendy: just found myself down a research rabbit hole of Marianne Moore & Renaissance maps and I never want to leave
lisejaillant: Nikolaus Wasmoen on the Marianne Moore Digital Archive - for her notebooks, necessary to show the facsimiles as wel... https://t.co/qaeEeIgS7t
histortree: But Marianne Moore, the Pulitzer Prize winning poet, made the Camperdown her cause. In an issue of The New Yorker i... https://t.co/GMOwTr83XH
nishatnuddin: Marianne Moore https://t.co/QJijrwVFBG
Marianne Moore photo, Marianne Moore image
leonardolamha: Bateu aqui agora. ""I, too, dislike it: there are things that are important beyond all this fiddle. Reading it,... https://t.co/9SAsyySdiM
chrishawtree: I do not think it widely known that Marianne Moore's poems Observations (1924) had a witty index. (She set the volu... https://t.co/HqpQHycfog
OmissionConf18: "Omissions are not accidents." - Marianne Moore.
antobrvc: Marianne Moore https://t.co/rqxgTqTd3h
Marianne Moore photo, Marianne Moore image
antobrvc: Marianne Moore https://t.co/2CXs0OHs6R
Marianne Moore photo, Marianne Moore image
antobrvc: Marianne Moore. https://t.co/CHRPbY8GwA
Marianne Moore photo, Marianne Moore image
natashabadhwar: "The poet, Marianne Moore, said that the only cure for loneliness is solitude. I think, perhaps, what she meant is... https://t.co/8tPSu8tnNV
SGUYBRAY: Fine, I'll make one New Year's resolution. In 2018, I'll try to appreciate the poetry of Marianne Moore.
chrissyfleps: Words to live by, courtesy of Marianne Moore. https://t.co/DyQrXYL29H
Marianne Moore photo, Marianne Moore image
MarkAJHolcomb: "The heart that gives, gathers." - Marianne Moore
looksnbooks: "The cure for loneliness is solitude."--Marianne Moore
landryst: Celestial refrain. My mindhears it again. Without music life is flat - bare existence.-- Marianne Moore via... https://t.co/EY3maoSOZI
PaulaEder: "Originality is a by-product of sincerity" ~Marianne Moore https://t.co/HiKXN0Wusc
Marianne Moore photo, Marianne Moore image
writingroutines: "If technique is of no interest to a writer, I doubt that the writer is an artist." -Marianne Moore
TimgreigRealtor: A year in the life of my niece's. Thank you Marianne Moore for creating this video and sharing it with Me!
fordebirds: An excellent review and exposition of Marianne Moore's strengths and later weaknesses. https://t.co/JKdI6T7hxO
wnjrplaylist: Just played: 1972) - Marianne Moore (1887 - Bird
LucindaLunacy: Since today is my birthday. I'll go. Billy Tipton, Mary Tyler Moore, Ted Danson, Marianne Faithful, Patricia Clarks... https://t.co/4oAwHcJ8fi
mvw888: Poem for the Weekend: Marianne Moore -- https://t.co/LlkiVcCn7g
GameAppBuilder: Born Dec 29: Diego Luna 38, Mekhi Phifer 43, Jude Law 45, Ted Danson 70, Marianne Faithfull 71, Jon Voight 79, Andr... https://t.co/WaEOImltur
BirthdayVault: Born Dec 29: Diego Luna 38, Mekhi Phifer 43, Jude Law 45, Ted Danson 70, Marianne Faithfull 71, Jon Voight 79, Andr... https://t.co/t9lHsT3BpN
j_ha: Perfect reading for a poet. 😈 "I, too, dislike it. Reading it, however, with a perfect contempt for it... https://t.co/2JhvsUGSC9
redbaronski: For years (decades even possibly), I misremembered Marianne Moore's first line of 'Poetry' as 'I, too, despise it.'

Best poem of Marianne Moore

The Pangolin
Another armored animal'scale
lapping scale with spruce-cone regularity until they
form the uninterrupted central
tail row! This near artichoke with head and legs and
grit-equipped gizzard,
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