Poet Emily Dickinson

American poet (B:1830-12-10 - D:1886-05-15)

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Her'"last Poems"'
Silver'perished'with her Tongue'
Not on Record'bubbled other,
Flute'or Woman'
So divine'
Not unto its Summer'Morning
Robin'uttered Half the Tune'
Gushed too free for the Adoring'
From the Anglo-Florentine'
Late'the Praise'
'Tis dull'conferring
On the Head too High to Crown'
Diadem'or Ducal Showing'
Be its Grave'sufficient sign'
Nought'that We'No Poet's Kinsman'
Suffocate'with easy woe'
What, and if, Ourself a Bridegroom'
Put Her down'in Italy?

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