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Lorcanmac: Special performance -The life of Francis Ledwidge is celebrated with words and music. Rathfarnham castle Jan 27 8:3... https://t.co/Fs5xR7eTqr
karolbarry: The poet Francis Ledwidge said 'I joined the British Army because she stood between Ireland and an enemy common to... https://t.co/EVURDbxyPu
CailinCeltic: I've noticed my recent Francis Ledwidge post suddenly appearing on so called.... Actually I'm not even going to say... https://t.co/FbREjX8V7b
CailinCeltic: AndThe sunny hands to meBeckon everBeckon everOhI would be wild and freeAndWith the shadow people beThe Sh... https://t.co/P6grPzomVt
war_poets: 7 January 1917 Francis Ledwidge completes 'The Dead Kings'And one said: "A loud tramp of menWe'll hear again at... https://t.co/qr3GaycOCn
war_poets: 6 January 1917 Francis Ledwidge completes 'The Rushes' https://t.co/CIiecmIH5w
1916artsclub: "With Flowers" by Francis Ledwidge. Read more on our Facebook page https://t.co/ziKBOpOPaQ https://t.co/56ctybwXCl
Francis Ledwidge photo, Francis Ledwidge image
MeathLibrary: Cllr.Gerry O'Connor, Cathaoirleach of Meath County Council pictured presenting the inaugural Meath County Council C... https://t.co/rS4sqjoFSk
meathcoco: Meath County Council Cultural Services established the Francis Ledwidge Creative Writing Award to commemorate the F... https://t.co/QsbmaCOR6H
Sidelighter: Slane paid great tribute to Francis Ledwidge in 2017. "But when the year grew chill and brown, And all the wings o... https://t.co/S77EhMEeVR
PaulClark_UTV: Honoured to be there to read a Heaney poem - In Memoriam Francis Ledwidge. Why did I not learn the poetry of... https://t.co/oLeRCJ1ZO9
SligoJ: "What are we but fairies too,Living but in dreams alone,Or, at the most, but children still,Innocent and overgrown ? "Francis Ledwidge
SligoJ: "Maiden-poet, come with meTo the heaped up cairn of Maeve,And there we'll dance a fairy danceUpon a fairy's grav... https://t.co/rP4BsrPxje
SligoJ: "And when the pastoral hills are greyAnd the dim stars are spread,A scamper fills the grass like playOf feet whe... https://t.co/kLJVa02GQm
SligoJ: Dawn"Quiet miles of golden sky,And in my heart a sudden flower.I want to clap my hands and cryFor Beauty in he... https://t.co/UBuGbJl3fU
SligoJ: "Maiden, these are sacred tears, Let me not disturb your grief! Had I but your bosom's fears I should weep, nor se... https://t.co/KUYb17bRNE
excelprintnavan: It's black Friday.. . Don't forget the poet of the blackbirds... Francis Ledwidge's book still available!! https://t.co/95AiGIZScj
thomhickey55: Philip Chevron (The Pogues)Under Clery's ClockThousands are Sailing Faithful Departed Francis Ledwidge - T... https://t.co/l2J61BGQHs
thomhickey55: Philip Chevron (The Pogues) & Francis Ledwidge - The Music of longing Thousands are Sailing Under Clery's Clock... https://t.co/7fIafMAfug
WormsWolfe: "A blackbird singing I hear in my troubled mind, Bluebells swinging, I see in a distant wind. But sorrow and si... https://t.co/tO0xlrYBJR
excelprintnavan: Stockists of LEGENDS AND STORIES OF THE BOYNE SIDE by Francis Ledwidge - first ever printing. Publisher Excel Prin... https://t.co/BZOGUHupL0
excelprintnavan: Great news - our book Francis Ledwidge LEGENDS AND STORIES OF THE BOYNE SIDE just passed 800 sales in 4 months.It... https://t.co/HIx5mZ5xzd
IBdigi: Slane Co.Meath. Looking well! The band stand and mural to Francis Ledwidge is a nice featur... https://t.co/jwhtWQyaXp https://t.co/d0LCV524XI
Francis Ledwidge photo, Francis Ledwidge image
NGIreland: Tomorrow's Francis Ledwidge concert is fully booked out, but we still have places on our 'Aftermath of War' study m... https://t.co/2rDE3DDNxh
creativeirl: Don't miss out on this tomorrow! 'A Broken Tree'- a seminar and concert, celebrating the life & work of Francis Led... https://t.co/wCUYizvwZ7
thomhickey55: Masters of lyric melancholy gone too soonPhilip Chevron (The Pogues)Francis Ledwidge The Music of longing... https://t.co/VyKiLv3Esq
BalbrigganHist: Please see below flyer for event the 10th November at Haddington Road Church - Remember the Brave. in celebration o... https://t.co/6s8IlwOHbE
tmcarew: Remembering all who as Cpl Francis Ledwidge rightly put it, fought & defeated *an enemy COMMON to OUR civilization* https://t.co/8Etqq2ODkM
GreyCaitlin: Splendid new post by my chum Mr B at the Celtic Music Fan. Enjoy! :-) xx... https://t.co/VwSkOzQyFI
kotsigamis: Francis Ledwidge: Centenary of death of Irish WW1 poet - BBC Newshttps://t.co/3FFVfSokv4 https://t.co/nguQ0ypbNC
Francis Ledwidge photo, Francis Ledwidge image
OffalyLibraries: Lecture to commemorate the life of poet Francis Ledwidge.Fidelma Mahon will give a lecture in Daingean Library on Wed 8th Nov at 6.30pm.
BalbrigganHist: Concert on the 10th November at Haddington Road Church - Remember the Brave. in celebration of Francis Ledwidge &Pa... https://t.co/m3HyRDNXYE
excelprintnavan: Our Francis Ledwidge book Legends & Stories of the Boyne Side passed 700 sales in 8 weeks great Christmas Present mail order available wWide
AndrewRalphPC: Francis Ledwidge statue to be unveiled in Slane https://t.co/c5s3mStkfB
Sidelighter: Francis Ledwidge aka 'Poet of the blackbirds', wonder where he got the inspiration, Slane is full of them. Photos w... https://t.co/V2sELs8QiU
SlaneCoMeath: Francis Ledwidge statue to be unveiled in Slane https://t.co/bi8swOYvV4
VonneyDK: Poet Francis Ledwidge commemorated by people of Slane https://t.co/J1OxNKhzmV
scotushibernus: What a joy to speak at Slane Castle, discussing Francis Ledwidge in his Boyne Valley homeland https://t.co/RkFeN60H8r
Francis Ledwidge photo, Francis Ledwidge image
Messines100: Slane to get new Francis Ledwidge statue. https://t.co/HbcVvG0404
RMcGreevy1301: The people of Slane have played a blinder remembering Francis Ledwidge this year. https://t.co/wBLIGPBcQF
CelticCanada: RT IrishTimesCultr: Francis Ledwidge statue to be unveiled in Slane https://t.co/sr17qrFmxk
IrishTimesCultr: Francis Ledwidge statue to be unveiled in Slane https://t.co/69qNdhO5ik
Irish_Euphemism: Francis Ledwidge statue to be unveiled in Slane https://t.co/v2bwfOpnPd
archifsain: Bringing thoughts on Hedd Wyn to meet Francis Ledwidge. Symposium on Meath poet, Slane Castle Sat 14 Oct... https://t.co/kfjEFQShWK
war_poets: 9 October 1917 Lord Dunsany writes in the Introduction to Francis Ledwidge's Last Songs: I had hoped he would... https://t.co/CGaRDEct2b
BAIrishStudies: Francis Ledwidge Event https://t.co/NRznDQj6zC https://t.co/0clcMZs5Tq
SocBridge: Francis Ledwidge's pain still resonates so very poetically. https://t.co/wcvmU4OMVX
CelticCanada: RT IrishTimesOpEd: An Irishman's Diary on the painful Irish loves of Francis Ledwidge https://t.co/IUwnjuxes7
IrishTimesOpEd: An Irishman's Diary on the painful Irish loves of Francis Ledwidge https://t.co/iY6mrnPf1j
GenSocIreland: Interesting piece by Gerard Smyth in The Irish Times today.... https://t.co/4xLPWZKNBX

Best poem of Francis Ledwidge

The Wife Of Llew
And Gwydion said to Math, when it was Spring:
"Come now and let us make a wife for Llew."
And so they broke broad boughs yet moist with dew,
And in a shadow made a magic ring:
They took the violet and the meadow-sweet
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