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AUMalta: AUM's Dr. John Pedro Schwartz has just had an article published in PESSOA PLURAL, the peer-reviewed academic journal devoted entirely to critical studies of the work of renowned Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa.

cryingclod: Maybe I should just die and leave with my homies Ricardo Reis e Fernando Pessoa..

iigae: “I’m exhausted from being so many things.” — Fernando Pessoa

madalenxx: Fernando Pessoa walked so miley could run

trilobite_1970: Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life. Fernando Pessoa

KDJupiter: "The word ‘heteronym’ he coined to differentiate it from ‘pseudonym’- so he took it to another level altogether" –

LiteratureTRO: I love how James Joyce looks like and english version of Fernando Pessoa and Fernando Pessoa looks like a portuguese version of James Joyce

mder3a: "I will be what I want to be. But I have to want whatever that is." - Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet.

mamaiaf: y’all really don’t deserve Fernando Pessoa porra

atwulf: “In order to understand, I destroyed myself.” — Fernando Pessoa

OscarOcerumen: “Because what I feel is different. It’s a life, not a belief … It’s not the skin but the heart.” - Fernando Pessoa (1880-1935), from “Senhor Silva“ (31 March 1934) in “Fernando Pessoa. A Little Larger Than the Entire Universe”, selected poems...

fraveris: Because what I feel is different. It’s a life, not a belief … It’s not the skin but the heart. Fernando Pessoa (1880-1935) from “Senhor Silva“ (31 March 1934) in “Fernando Pessoa. Alberto Giacometti, Diego, 1950.

FilmScoresNow: Reading Fernando Pessoa's Book of Disquiet. He was a proper whinger.

taehynngz: Fernando Pessoa really said "let the kids be like me and have dor de pensar when reading my poems"

luis_olem: Fernando Pessoa would be proud

inacawl: I reflect, full of nil, and night is all. My heart, which talks as it stays mute, still Repeats its one-note torpor without feature In shadow, in lucidity delirium, And there’s no God, no self, even no Nature. One’s own heartbreak had been a better sorrow. Fernando Pessoa

BPLearner: Sometimes I want to be like Fernando Pessoa and just write, not a story, not a poem, but some random paragraphs that all together fill up a book with musings and vignettes. He wrote sort of memoirs, sort of prose poems, just paragraphs on this and that.

ClaR_Rocha: A Shrug Of The Shoulders by Fernando Pessoa (read by A Poetry Channel)

ToKnowTheGood: "My past is everything I failed to be." - Fernando Pessoa

NadaAbdelhamiid: "How many borrowed things I’ve used to go forward in the world! How many borrowed things I’ve driven as if they were mine! Alas, how much I myself am what I’ve borrowed!" Fernando Pessoa

ktrishay: Fernando Pessoa, sweetie, you're killing me

CookingLisbon: Tram 28 Lisbon Food & Cultural Tour, you will visit the House Museum of the poet Fernando Pessoa

somequotesbot: "We are two abysses — a well staring at the sky." - Fernando Pessoa

ganesspaudel: "Reality is always More or less Than what we want. Only we are always Equal to ourselves." -- Fernando Pessoa

g__e___: “Everything is theater.” ― Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

olasaudade: Nothing knows me but the moment. Even my memory is nothing, and I feel That who I am and who I was Are two contrasting dreams." ― Fernando Pessoa (tr. Edwin Honig)

HaidaralSalman1: I'm guessing Fernando Pessoa Because I hate him madly for the intensity of love

__Vow: I think that it’s absolutely absurd and unacceptable that anyone would have Fernando Pessoa mentioned to them and not instantly think of me.

chiarajil: Literature is the most agreeable way of ignoring life. fernando pessoa

MeSaare: "Santo António de Lisboa Was a great preacher, But it's because of St. Anthony That the girls love you. " Fernando Pessoa

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Sheltered from too strong a sea.

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