Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis Poems

  • 701.  
    When PHARAOH chased the chosen Jew, and perished in the sea,
    Things seemed to hint at failure in the PHARAOH policy. For 'tis written that the Opposition leader had his way;
  • 702.  
    Our baker, Mr Brackenby, toiler in the night,
    Was a lean, tall, glum man whose face was very white; A brooding man 'twas said of him, and mannerisms odd;
  • 703.  
    It's human nature for a bashful bloke
    To bottle up, an' hesitate, an' doubt Till grinnin' Fate plays him some low-down joke;
  • 704.  
    Old farmer Jack gazed on his wheat,
    And feared the frost would nip it. Said he, "it's nearly seven feet -
  • 705.  
    Once an anthropoidal ape,
    Hairy, savage, strange of shape, On a day that was excessively B.C.,
  • 706.  
    The Children of the Sun are out,
    About the hills and beaches The stolid burghers halo and stout,
  • 707.  
    A month ago the world grew grey fer me;
    A month ago the light went out fer Rose. To 'er they broke it gentle as might be;
  • 708.  
    Read ye here the song as sung
    By a chief named, briefly, Ung. In the days when arguments were manly axes:
  • 709.  
    Three hills lead on to Lilydale,
    Where runs the White Horse Road. Three slopes dip down into the vale
  • 710.  
    Each poet that I know (he said)
    Has something funny in his head, Some wandering growth or queer disease
  • 711.  
    I love all gum-trees well. But, best of all,
    I love the tough old warriors that tower About these lawns, to make a great green wall
  • 712.  
    A patriot spake thus to an eager throng:
    'Give me the power and I shall right each wrong. And Fortune, smiling, on our land shall look'
  • 713.  
    There once was a fellow called Croll,
    Who loved to hear periods roll On his musical tongue.
  • 714.  
    Little Tommy Tadpole began to weep and wail,
    For little Tommy Tadpole had lost his little tail; And his mother didn't know him as he wept upon a log,
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Poem of the day

 by Sara Teasdale

Dreamily over the roofs
The cold spring rain is falling,
Out in the lonely tree
A bird is calling, calling.

Slowly over the earth
The wings of night are falling;
My heart like the bird in the tree

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