A Bouquet

Yes!!! So we will
Throw care away,
If for no other reason than that 'twill
Delight our brother.
We'll gaily 'mooch' along in tram and train,
And ever one of us will look in vain
For weary laborers of brawn or brain.
There will not be
Papers to go around. Oh yes, you'll see!...
Husbands will hurry home as if for life
Gladly to read to each delighted wife
The little things
That C.J.D. so humorously sings
All discord and all gloom we'll strive to smother,
Rejoicing that we have so bright a brother.

- Bung

To which we reply:-

Spurred by such praise we shall endeavour
To some day write a thing that's really clever
But, at the same time, don't forget my brother,
Even a scribe grows dull some time or other
And if, at times, this column waxes dreary
Please realise that we, sometimes, grow weary.
Even old Homer nods, they say
We're in a rather nodding mood today.

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