The Best School Of All
It's good to see the school we knew,
The land of youth and dream.
To greet again the rule we knew
Before we took the stream:
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Henry Newbolt

The Best School Of All
It's good to see the school we knew,
the land of youth and dream.
To greet again the rule we knew,
before we took the stream.
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Sir Henry Newbolt

Gee, You'Re So Beautiful That It's Starting To Rain
Oh, Marcia,
I want your long blonde beauty
to be taught in high school,
so kids will learn that God
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Richard Brautigan

In This Little School
In this little school
Life goes so sweetly,
Day on azure day
Is lost completely.
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Lesbia Harford

Photography Extraordinary
The Milk-and-Water School
Alas! she would not hear my prayer!
Yet it were rash to tear my hair;
Disfigured, I should be less fair.
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Lewis Carroll

Two Schools
I put my heart to school
In the world, where men grow wise,
"Go out," I said, "and learn the rule;
Come back when you win a prize."
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Henry Van Dyke

School On The Outskirts
How different, in the middle of snows, the great school rises red!
A red rock silent and shadowless, clung round with clusters of shouting lads,
Some few dark-cleaving the doorway, souls that cling as the souls of the dead
In stupor persist at the gates of life, obstinate dark monads.
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D. H. Lawrence

On Old Man's Thought Of School
AN old man's thought of School;
An old man, gathering youthful memories and blooms, that youth itself

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Walt Whitman

What Fifty Said..
When I was young my teachers were the old.
I gave up fire for form till I was cold.
I suffered like a metal being cast.
I went to school to age to learn the past.
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Robert Frost

The Old School List
In a wild moraine of forgotten books,
On the glacier of years gone by,
As I plied my rake for order's sake,
There was one that caught my eye:
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James Kenneth Stephen

At school I never gained a prize,
Proving myself the model ass;
Yet how I watched the wistful eyes,
And cheered my mates who topped the class.
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Robert William Service

At school I never gained a prize,
Proving myself the model ass;
Yet how I watched the wistful eyes,
And cheered my mates who topped the class.
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Robert Service

Why We Oppose Schools For Children
(By the Children's Anti-School League.)

1. Because education is a burden, not a right.
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Alice Duer Miller

Advice To Little Children
Bless those little children
That love to go to school;
Blessed be the children
That obey the golden rule.
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Julia Ann Moore

Calmly We Walk Through This April's Day
Calmly we walk through this April's day,
Metropolitan poetry here and there,
In the park sit pauper and rentier,
The screaming children, the motor-car
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Delmore Schwartz

Going To School
Did you see them pass to-day, Billy, Kate and Robin,
All astride upon the back of old grey Dobbin?
Jigging, jogging off to school, down the dusty track -
What must Dobbin think of it - three upon his back?
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Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis

The School Where I Studied
I passed by the school where I studied as a boy
and said in my heart: here I learned certain things
and didn't learn others. All my life I have loved in vain
the things I didn't learn. I am filled with knowledge,
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Yehuda Amichai

The Farmer Talks
HERE 's a letter from John in th' city,
Ain't heard from him now fer a year;
Yes, his handwritin' s stylish an' pretty,
An' rounded an' wonderf'ly clear;
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Edgar Albert Guest

To The P.R.B.
Woolner and Stephens, Collinson, Millais,
And my first brother, each and every one,
What portion is theirs now beneath the sun
Which, even as here, in England makes to-day?
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Dante Gabriel Rossetti

At School
The bees are in the meadow
And the swallows in the sky;
The cattle in the shadow
Watch the river running by.
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John Boyle O'Reilly

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